Some fans of Destiny 2 are sad as Forsaken is finished

Destiny 2 Players are FURIOUS Bungie is Removing DLC Content...

The fans of Destiny 2 are torn between the beginning of a new extension and the end of a favorite known fans. Many of them have turned to social networks to express their disappointment at the end of Forsaken’s expansion of the franchise.

Forsaken was when I met my partner and my nearest friends,” a fan wrote. _ “It’s normal that we have said goodbye together. »_

Have to pay for content and finish by losing frustrated some fans. They are not too happy with the apparent inability of bungie to meet the needs of new players and former players.

_Repose in peace on Destiny 2: renegades, a content for which I paid a lot of money but that I never had to finish because life / time / limit of elimination contrary to the ethics of Paying content, _ “Another fan wrote. “_J’Adore Bungie, I just wish that its product strategy considers players to lag behind something other than disinterest and contempt.

Destiny 2 developers have already packed the Forsaken extension in a storage they call the Content Vault. This is also where the original franchise campaign went after the launch of Beyond Light in 2020. According to Bungie, this system helps keep the game properly optimized. By doing this, the game would become more manageable for players with booming quest logs.

The Destiny Content Vault has provided a lot of technical leeway that the team has devoted to significant improvements in the Destiny experience,” Devés revealed last year. “Upgrades such as the drastic reduction of fixed response times, the improvement of loading times, the offer of faster access to the user interface such as your inventory or the card and others are directly related to the opportunities that the DVC created for the team.

There is no doubt that the standby of the old Campaigns Destiny 2 is the launch of a new extension a more sweet-bitter experience for the long-standing fans of the franchise.

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