This Elden Ring Competition will make you a lord, but your kingdom will be tiny

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Elden Ring Editor Bandai Namco has announced that fans in the United Kingdom can take part in a competition from 25 February, where they can become an “Elden Lord OR Lady”.

In cooperation with Highland Citet Bandai Namco 100, the winners of the competition land in Scotland, which give them the opportunity to officially call themselves a Lord or Lady of this part of the country.

To participate, you must have bandai namco to send an e-mail to [email protected] a reason or share a photo or video, explaining why you deserve to get the title of a lord or a lady. The competition starts on February 25 at 9:00 am GMT, the day of the publication of Elden Ring, and runs until March 11, 9:00 am GMT. If you are successful, you will go home with a pretty piece of Scotland and a matching title the best boss hunter of Elden Ring.

It all sounds great until you realize that the piece of land you receive when you win, only a square feet is big and only cost 36 pounds. But you will receive an official certificate if that is a comfort.

Oh, and before they come on crazy ideas to build a house that is very high, but very thin to survive the dystopic nightmare where we all live, the property is located in a nature reserve, which means that you See it, but can not touch.

If you do not feel like calling Lord or Lady, and actually playing Elden Ring, then we have many instructions that help you in our Elden Ring complete solution. If you are still undecided with regard to the latest adventure of FromSoftware, look at our Elden Ring Test.

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