Lars Ricken: “Walks extremely at the expense of all youth players”

On Tuesday, U 19 of Borussia Dortmund enters the Youth League eighthlap at Manchester United. For Lars Ricken, the Director Young Talent Center at BVB, a reason to anticipate. Nevertheless, the 44-year-old in the Manchester United interview also focuses on structural abuses.

“The problem is currently that in the Junior Federal Higher to take too few games at the high level, for which the clubs train,” says Ricken, “We are no longer preparing our top talents on the highest areas of professional football.” But not only that: “We do not prepare our players currently on the men’s football.”

I’m afraid that many players will be lost to us.

Lars Ricken

Because “Most of the current U-19 teams will play later in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th league,” whit you knick and expects: “In the 2020/21 season, the teams in the Regionalliga West have 40 games completed, in the current there are 38 games and in the coming will be 38. In the A-Junior Bundesliga we had 2020/21 four games, this and upcoming season it is 16. So it is in these three years 116 Games to 36. “

Just too little: “You see how difficult it will be to get youth player in the regional league or in higher leagues and prepare them on the intensity in which in these leagues is played.” Rickens forecast: “I’m afraid that many players will be lost to us.”

“until summer 2023 still in emergency mode”

At the point of view of the relevant season of the coming season, he “feels that we deal with competition-oriented performance sports. Since you can no longer speak of professional promotion.” Rickice criticized: “In March, Corona measures are loosened in Germany, but we are still in the federal juniors by summer 2023 in emergency mode. Everything is extremely at the expense of all youth players.”

Ideas of the clubs to change that would not be accepted. “Cologne and we have made suggestions for the current season, as in the west with a play-off system fits more games at a high level in the game plan,” says Ricken: “It said that the regulations did not mean that Giving, all three seasons would have to play soon. We need much more flexible solutions in the sense of all youth players. “

Im interview in the print edition of the Manchester United on Monday (or even on Sunday evening in the emagazine) also speaks about the quality of the vintage, the permeability to the own professionals, the meaning of the Youth League and the possible inserts of Anthony Elanga and Yousufa Moukoko.

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