Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Gefiedertes Revali

Since his release before almost five years, the Open World Milestone The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has delivered many great cosplays . Of course, the most popular character was Princess Zelda, but the strong Gerudo-Reckin Urbosa was immortalized as a cosplay.

But one of most cosplays have been in common: they are human. So it’s time for a little variety and that is definitely given with the feathered orni-stretch revali . Who spawning this bird, in which is likely to throw the desire to swing in the sky.

Revali: An almost perfect bird cosplay

Revali Memory and Rito Village! - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Gameplay Part 33

The costume comes from the well-known Cosplayer Toko_Bird , which does not carry the English word for bird for nothing in her name: she loves cosplays of bird characters and has already brought many feathered figures to real life on her Instagram account.

The Revali Cosplay was also shared on Reddit and by the photographer Daitoshi. There, the Orni Crack shows off its best side and can be admired in detail, including its blue spring dress.

Especially impressive is probably the head of the cosplay. The top beak and the green, penetrating eyes correspond exactly to the Revali Breath of the Wild and also the coloring of the feathers is scanned well.

The Cosplay of Toko_Bird is not completely complete, as photographer Daitoshi chatted out of the sewing box. She reveals that the Cosplayerin Revali still missing individual fingers as well as bird legs. This is likely to look even more authentic!

Other amazing cosplays

More great cosplays complacent? We would have there been a whole ridge of fresh costumes on offer: how about the dangerous Sonya blade from Mortal Combat or the ingenious hextech scientist Viktor from the League of Legends series Arcane? And this chloe cosplay from Life is Strange can really be seen.

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