IBB & OBB jumps to change in March

Ibb & Obb Coop Speedrun in 33:23 with Prime

A remastered version of the IBB & OBB cooperative puzzle platform should go out on Nintendo Switch in March. The original game came out on PS3 in 2013 and PC in 2014.

Sparpweed and Codeglue co-developers announced that they remastered the game in 2018. The new version of IBB & OBB now has a firm release date on March 5th on Nintendo Eshop. A trailer of the game is now available on YouTube.

This version will include the 15 regular levels and 8 secret levels of the original game. The music of the original, composed by Kettel, will also return in the game. The remaster promises an improved art and polished level designs.

No new content is planned for remill, but a new feature has been added for the Switch version. Players can draw on the SWITCH screen to better communicate their ideas with their cooperative partner. This type of gameplay feature could become more common in future Switch titles if the last Nintendo patent arrives in stores.

The IBB & OBB gameplay focuses on cooperative platforms through the levels where gravity pulls in different directions depending on your position in a level. The players help each other to progress in each level in different ways. The Switch version supports local and online cooperatives.

The game is currently available in pre-purchase on the Nintendo Eshop. The players who buy before March 5 will receive a 15% discount on the total price of the game. The total price of the game is $ 14.99 with a reduced price of 12.69 USD.

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