What console does Elden Ring run better?

_ Elden Ring _ is already here and players have been passing hours of fun losing themselves in their huge open world. One of the most criticized points of this title has to do with its performance, especially PC. But in Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 Experience is much more enjoyable, although actually only one of these two consoles offers the final experience.

The most recent technical analysis of Digital Foundry is responsible for comparing the version of ps5 with that of X series on performance topics, and specifically, the tables per second.

According to this channel, the version of ps5 is higher than that of X series, , in addition to offering around 10fps, it is also the most stable version in any of its two graphic modes. Considering that the X Series is more powerful than PS5 , it would not make much sense that your version is lower, but obviously has a lot to do with optimization.

Elden Ring: PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S Tech Review - The Best Ways to Play on Next-Gen Consoles

Editor’s Note: I think many of Elden Ring’s problems can be easily solved with some patch, and the truth is that, compared to many other modern games, the new fromSoftware debuted in a practically impeccable state. Hopefully your developers can solve all this as soon as possible.

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