Why did Putins machine cough? The warfare rope truths can be learned through Shadow Empire

The shadow Empire in the heavier position of the strategy games is teaching if the complexity of another warfare.

Napoleon according to the army marched in his stomach. Much of his success was based on excellent use of support measures, communications and technology. For example, envelopes, hot air balloons and canned hoods brought unique benefits to the French army. Otherwise, the cans were only invented for 50 years after Napoleon’s wars: before the cans were opened, for example, with prists.

In spite of his wisdom, his army decided to march directly to Russia to take a turret sauna from the Saltvelut. In the maintenance of service connections, most of the army fell in spite of several shareholders. Maintenance of a large army is a big job, and even though theless soldier Hietanen wondered the service manifests to the attitude, are the famous rags and the lumps are an essential part of the success of the armed forces.

Abundant 200 years later Vladimir Putin decided to leave to take measure of Ukraine without decent service connections. But, then do you go to his walk? Although the issue of war propaganda is generated by the war propagand, there are stories of fuels from rogue lifting unbelievably amazing.

The report is not over yet, but it provides a lesson from logistics. The same lesson may also experience the shadow Empiren pair, where the maintenance of the maintenance is rare. The multi-dimensional scifistral game is constantly lit to the basics. Without the trucks there is no war, even in the era of lasers.

Ukrainians united in their resolve to stop Putin's war machine
Reddish service lines are blocked. The front of this turn gets a march with iron doses.

The best science strategy of the market

The Galactic Republic has collapsed, but the destruction has been left behind lonely planets in which the small nations depends on the territory of the world. Such a basic conclusion is based on the shadow Empiren World. This is a kind of a mixture of 4x and strategy games in which the emphasis is more on the war side – the winning target is only a world prevention.

Many of the mechanisms have been realized in a very multitude and directly in terms of complexity. Example Technologies are first invented in random order, and only will be developed to be useful. The development of the military forces is even more complicated: first the unit type should come up with, then developed as a unit of technology provided by technology as a unit template. Thereafter, the various formations should separately come up and develop before the troops can be set up.

Everything requires resources whose management requires the processing of hundreds of different reports and windows. Various dimensions to be taken into account are enormously. The nation consists of a variety of factions whose leaders’ satisfaction must be taken care of. There are plenty of cross-sectional effects, so even after one hundreds of gaming writes, new details will be eliminated from gaming mechanics.

Overall, the interface is directly from the 90’s. Everything gets used to, but the first impression is really shocking. Fortunately, a 400-page manual will be included in the 400-page manual that is explained. For a serious round of preparation requires at least ten hours of teaching videos – and finally swim will learn to jump on the pool. Nevertheless, this is probably the best strategy game developed until now.

In an ashamed way, it is probably the most versatile and interesting strategy game. Its “one turn yet” -type suction is enormous, as long as the steep starting threshold gets over. Due to the complexity, it is possible to grind a single turn for a long time, and the success rewards.

The game should not even try to play without sessions on teaching videos.

I’m a truck

In addition to managing the kingdom, sodaine. And with a waist I mean the fragmentation of the maintenance needs to the front. Modeling of logistics chains has been implemented at an exceptionally-profound level even if it takes a moment to understand it. The basic idea is that the transfer of each raw material from the mine from the mine town or headquarters to the front to consume logistics points. At their simplest, points can be created by building a lorry, but there is plenty of adjusting.

In addition, the distance is also affected. If the journey from the truck to the front is too long, logistics points are spent due to distance. It is possible to restore it with service stations, but their placement requires consideration. It is not advisable to build too spaghetti on the road network, otherwise the transport routes may be branched excessively. A tough spot fine-tuning logistics is successful crossings, imposed by road signs, with the use of side lanes to be restricted.

It is possible to make more lifted transportation with the help of railways. Pulling tracks costs a lot, but through them, transport connections will be significantly enhanced. Logistics is not used only for stock relief, but can also be used to transfer units, for example, to the other side of the kingdom, as long as the logistics points are sufficient. Strategically, this means that the disconnection of the opponent’s service connections is very effective. Although units have stocks, just enough for a few days. Soon at the end of ammunition, fuel and food, silent weapons, engines and ultimately the internal combustion of soldiers. Then you just should block an opponent from doing the same for himself. Always remember to blink to the truck, especially if you are on the way to the front!

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