How to Improve Equipment in Lost Ark

Unlocking and equipment improvement is one of the main elements of almost any MMO. Lost Ark No different. However, before you begin to upgrade your equipment, you will need to unlock gear honing . Gear Honing allows you to improve your weapons and armor so that you can increase their level. This will directly affect the complexity of endchaim-content, as you need to have the level of the subject out of 250 to complete most of it.

Depending on what you are trying to update, you will need Harmony fragments , Stone fragments as well as Harmony jumps .

LOST ARK | How to Boost Your Item Level! Endgame Gear Honing Explained
You can unlock Gear Honing at 50 after arrival in the castle of Verne.

After that, you can visit the NPC Gear Honing (indicated by the hammer symbol on the map) to open the corresponding menu. You can choose which items you want to update on the left side of the menu, and click on the update button button. Then you will fall into another menu where you can see what materials and silver you need to complete the update.

After the update is completed, you can see options for adding additional sharpening materials, as well as the percentage of success or failure of other updates.

If it happened that the process of honinging failed, do not worry! The items themselves will not be damaged, only objects used for sharpening.

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