Mesut Özil in the strike? Fenerbahce denies

Fenerbahce has publicly denied the rumor that his player Mesut Özil has received the games of recent weeks. Officially, the German World Champion of 2014 has been lacking for some time because of a lumbar injury.

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The alleged strike should have to do with biased saliaries in the club of Istanbul, last reported the journalist Volkan Demir at a spor.

Fenerbahce responded now and posted on the social media channels of the club: “Today’s news, according to which Mesut Özil does not play, because salary payments do not meet the truth.”

At the same time, however, the club confessed into financial difficulties in one side rise, as he wrote: “Fenerbahce has made every payment on time.”

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Fenerbahce demanded an apology from the journalist, who also got the club promptly. “I’ve said at A spor that it is pure speculation, the statement is not based on sources within the club, I have not verified as reporter these speculations and therefore do not declare it as a message,” said Demir and added: “I added I would like to apologize to Fenerbahce and the public for this misleading. “

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