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Batman carries makeup! Huch, the one will say now, finally the others. For as the dark superhero has always made it ever, that his eyes under the mask are black, but no trace of Mascara can be seen when he decreases her yet, nobody has found out yet. But the smeared black color on the pale face suits the driven Batman, who plays Robert Pattinson in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. And she shows, this movie wants to show another side of the dark area.

Way with the mask ****

The Batman: Investigator duo like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. med. Watson: Batman and Jim Gordon. Source: Warner Brothers Just two years, Bruce Wayne is traveling as Batman and he asks himself if his private campaign gives sense at all. The identity as a masked avenger is meant by his health and his nerves, Butler Alfred is worried and the people he wants to protect are afraid of him. But then a murder series shakes Gotham City, which enables the city into panic. Not only that the victims are all prestigious citizens, the serial murderer turns to “the batman” in his letters writing.

In the greeting cards are as a puzzle packaged evidence of what the “Riddler” is aimed at with his murders: He wants to tear the mask of the face to the city. In the course of its investigation, Bruce Wayne not only pushes to some secrets, but also on the name of his father Thomas Wayne, who has anything to do with the murder series. And then there is Selina Kyle, who wants to enlighten the death of a friend and also becomes part of the game.

THE BATMAN Movie Review (2022) Robert Pattinson

If this sounds like a variant of the plot of “SE7EN” or “Zodiac” \ – then that’s absolutely correct. Because the same feels the batman (Buy 21.99 € now). Not only that there are comparatively little action scenes for the three hours running time, Batman may also occur as an investigator for the first time. Together with Jim Gordon or his Butler Alfred, he releases puzzles on the ground, proceeds and comes closer to the truth piece. Especially in his scenes with Gordon, almost something like Sherlock-Holmes-Feeling comes up when Batman has once again discovered an indication and Gordon stares him in disbelief.

“I’m the revenge.” ****

Otherwise, a lot of the batman is new. Because this Batman has a lot to learn and prove others. About the rogues Gothams. These laugh at him in the first scene of the movie first and ask him who he should represent now. First, when Batman “I’m the revenge” growls and the clown walk, which faces him, so much beaten that even the man he wanted to save to grace to grace, take him seriously.

The Batman: Action scenes are not all too often when they come, but it bangs. Source: Warner Brothers This first action scene also shows very well, where the journey goes in the movie. When Batman lasts, then it gets hard and brutal. The scars that MAN Robert Pattinson has opened up: This Batman can not only share, it must also plug in any lot. This gives villains like the Penguin a fair chance and should signal: This young Batman would have to be ordinary Mafia carriers fear – if he had no firing suit. And hardly to believe, more than in its predecessor films becomes the fact that Bruce Wayne can afford such Gimmicks, on the subject of the film and the subject of quiet criticism. Is it really meaningful that the traumatized son rich parents uses his heritage to go to a private campaign? Or would not it be better if he invests his millions to help the poor?

The batman better than the dark knight?

Luckily, the moral lobe in the batman never sweeps too much and thus forms a thematic addition to the rest of the film. And he has become really good. The actors are through the bank away class. First of all Robert Pattinson , who is the young Bruce Wayne with so much oppressed anger and The Batman: He wears makeup! Otherwise, Robert Pattinsons Batman is a lot different. And that causes a really good movie. Source: Warner Brothers desperation plays that you just want to take him in some places in my arms and “everything will be good”.

But the rest of the cast also gives everything. There are great camera technology, pictures that could come directly from a modern film Noir and a pounding soundtrack. Where – good actors, a gloomy movie, a great story: Batman fans did not have that long ago with The Dark Knight. The Batman is almost something like the quieter twin brother of this movie – not necessarily better, but quite equal.

The whole thing has its price. With just under three hours and the many small stories, The Batman looks less like a cinema pectacle, but more like a streaming series shown in a train. That’s nothing bad, but requires sitting by the audience. And it leads to a finale that feels like the team would have fallen in the end that superhero films always have to end with a large action scene. Apart from that, The Batman is definitely worth a walk to the cinema. If the remaining superhero films will be just as good this year, 2022 will be outstanding. To home page to the gallery

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