Cloud preservation failure of save data is occurring in the “Elden Ring” STeam version. Do not forget to check the latest data during synchronization

The From Software announced notifications on the STEAM cloud of the PC version “ Elden Ring ” on March 4th. According to the company, the “Elden Ring” PC version contains a problem that save data is not successfully stored in the STEAM cloud under certain conditions.

In the original “Elden Ring” PC version, save data is stored on the STeam cloud. Therefore, the save data stored locally on the PC and the data on the cloud should be originally matched. However, at present, the message is displayed in the cloud data storage, and the message “File stored in the STEAM Cloud does not match” the file stored in the STEAM Cloud “at the time of game startup. It seems that there may be cases.

If such a situation occurs, the from software checks the final update date of each cloud / local save data, and calls the save data to complete the synchronization. If you want to leave a file in the cloud, select “Download to this computer” on the right of the Cloud File. If you want to leave a local file, select Upload to the STEAM Cloud to the right of “Local File”. In this case, since the one-hand save data is overwritten, it is possible to select save data to be saved after confirming the progress of each data.

In addition, in the “Elden Ring” PC version, the phenomenon such as “partial equipment or the like is not displayed” and “the loading does not end correctly” from the other day. It is unknown if any equipment is eliminated, but Twitter has already reported bugs that will disappear and become naked.

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About this matter, the game file may not have been successfully installed. In this case, first restart the computer and start STeam. Then check the game properties and click the Local File tab and click the “Check the match file integrity…” button. In about a few minutes, Steam checks the integrity of the game file.

“Elden Ring” will deliver updates on March 4th. In the PC version, under certain circumstances, a defect that the controller connected to the PC is not correctly recognized is corrected. It is also possible to hope that the problem of synchronization of the save data and the integrity of the file is also mentioned later.

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