Elden Ring Margit Cheese Strategy: How to slightly defeat Margit The Fur Omen in Elden Ring

Margit, The Fell Omen is the first big story boss against which they fight in Elden Ring. He is also the boss who acts as a goalkeeper for the players. He is fast, aggressive and has ranging attacks covering all terrain for people with all kinds of builds. This boss definitely stems players, causes headaches and brings people to stop. So here are some cheese strategies that you can apply to force Margit in Elden Ring Brutal.

How to choose Margit in the Elden Ring

Before you record it with this boss, you may want to prepare the methods for this cheese. You should cover themselves for the fight with Spirit Ashes as they can rather cause a distraction as harm. You will also want to bother rogians, a NPC, to fight in this first epic fight by your side. Finally, they want to complete the quest series of patches to give a great advantage over the fur omen.

The best spirit ashes you can find before they fight against Margit are either the lonely wolf or skeletal milkiconal. I would like to take the latter. Once the militia officers were killed, they can appear again when they move a hostile aggro during their self-doctors. If you do not have the ashes of skeletal milkiconals, you can get them by defeating the Tibia Mariner in Summonwater Village. It is displayed on the map below.

So that Rogier can help you in the fight, you have to talk to him before. You can find him in the cabin shortly before entering Stormveil Castle. Exhaust all dialogues and he will be willing to help you defeat Margit. His mind can be brought about before the yellow fog, which leads to the fight.

Next with patches. If you decide to kill or spare it, you have access to its goods through a kind of dealer store. Buy the object “Margits Fessel” in his store for 5000 runes . It is a reusable object that can temporarily daze to Margit during the first half of the boss fight. The shackle can only be used twice per fight, but basically lets him open for a few hits. Complete this with the damage of your summoned ash and your NPCs, you will harm him massive damage.

With all the stunning and bullying, which they have against him on their side, he should go to the ground in no time, assuming he does not break their setup. If you still find it through all these setups, you should farm the IMPS by Caelid on Level. We have a guide here as you can do. Hopefully, with this cheese strategy, MARGITS Törichten ambitions can finally prepare an end.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X and PC.

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