NBA: Brand Housing Irving on Jordan Traces, Surprise visit to Warriors

Kyrie Irving has brought the Brooklyn Nets with an incredible upgrade a deserved victory over the Charlotte Hornets. The Milwaukee Bucks and Memphis Grizzlies drive dominant victories, while the Cleveland Cavaliers and Phoenix Suns have to tremble into the final seconds. At the Warriors, a surprise visit for headlines ensures.

Charlotte Hornets (32-34) – Brooklyn Nets (33-33) 121: 132 (Boxscore)

  • March seems to be the month of 50-point games! After LeBron and Tatum, Kyrie Irving has now registered in this elite club and shown against the Hornets his best game this season. Only 19 throws he needed for it, of which he sank outstanding 15 out of the field, 9/12 threesome and 11/13 of the Charity Stripe. In addition to Michael Jordan, he is the only games of history with several 50-point games at more than 75 percent out of the field.
  • “Young players should take this game as a prime example of how to score in the NBA,” said Kevin Durant visibly impressed after the game after he had congratulated his team colleagues with a rehearsed handshake.
  • Thanks to Irvings explosion, the fourth victory from the past ten games was clear for the Nets pretty early. The Hornets led very early in the game with 4: 2, then they never came back nearby. In the middle of the third quarter, Brooklyn led even with 36 meters, so Durant could make a relaxed evening (14 points, 6/13 FG). After Irving, Andre Drummond was the Best Werfer of the Nets with 20 counters (7/13), and at the same time put a Double Double (14 rebounds).
  • In the hornets, above all, from Downtown did not want much together (13/41, 31.7 percent), which is why every attempt to start a comeback, quickly in the Sanden. Lamelo Ball (2/8 Threesome, 24 Points) and P.J. Washington (0/5 threesome, 4 points) were a symbol of this. The 30-point appearances of Miles Bridges (11/19) and Terry Rozier (10/19) helped.

Indiana Pacers (22-45) – Cleveland Cavaliers (38-27) 124: 127 (Boxscore)

NBA legend Jackie Moon surprises the Golden State Warriors with an unexpected appearance
* What a thriller in Indiana – but with the better end for the guests from Ohio. It looked like the Pacers as the winner go from the square, the Cavs mobilized their last strength and crowned his personal gala presentation in person of Darius Garland. But first things first.

  • The entire game over the two teams delivered a hot fight until Indiana could put himself at the end of the third quarter with 98:90 in front and tidy momentum with in the last section took. The annoyance of the home fans but he belonged to the All-Star Guard of the Cavs. His threesome and two transformed free throws ensured that the CAVs achieved the first nine points of the section and returned the lead in wind parts.
  • Then it went back and forth before Malcom Brogdon received 40 seconds before the end after a Goalending of Evan Mobley two points at 124: 122 leadership. Mobley made this outwardly good on the opposite side with a putback again well and even without the injured Jarrett Allen thought the defensive in the episode. Thus, after a stop, the Wilson moved to the hands of Garland, who was unnecessarily fouled by Sophomore Jalen Smith at his Drive and gathered on the line his points 40 and 41 (career repair). In the next POSSESSION Fing Dean Wade a passport of Brogdon and Lamar Stevens took the game at the freezer. The turnover was also that the Pacers finally broke the neck (18 for 23 Cavs points – 7 for 4 points on the other side).
  • “I just did my game off,” Garland said cheerfully after his career night. The 22-year-old met 14/26 from the field, 4/9 threesome and remained spotless (9/9) at the Charity Stripe. At the same time he also played 13 assists and grabbed 5 rebounds. MOBLEY also put a double double on (22, 12 rebounds), Lauri Markanen contributed another 21 meters (8/14).
  • At Indy, Tyrese was Haliburton with 25 points at 9/14 from the field of most successful throwers, but Brodgon did not caught a good root day (6/15, 12 points). However, good production supplied the bank of the Pacers with a total of 56 meters, Smith, Goga Bitashze and Duane Washington Jr. all used for 15 points to the stateheet.

Orlando Magic (16-50) – Phoenix Suns (52-13) 99: 102 (Boxscore)

  • The bosses in Phoenix are currently having a very close look at the team and certainly very satisfied with what they were offered. That the Suns with Chris Paul and Devin Booker are a top team, there was no question that they are without their two stars, but not necessarily. It is all the more gratome that the leader in the West has now won three of the four games without their duo and a major building block on the way to the title is finally in shape in the person of Cameron Payne.
  • In the three starts on the side of Landry Shamet in the Backcourt, the Guard comes to a total of 58 points and 36 Assists, 18 (6/16 FG) and 12 of them contributed to the Magic. His two most important counters were the transformed free throw me 6.9 seconds on the clock, which brought the Suns to +3 in front. Then Franz Wagner had the chance to compensate for the game, but Mikal Bridges got a hand at the throw test of the German and made the victory perfectly.
  • Largest beneficiary of Paynes ball compilation compartments was once more Shamet, the strong 6/10 threesome for 21 points sinked and then picked up a great praise of Payne. “Landry delivers lately and so we have to go on, as soon as Book comes back. I know that I am able to spend many assists, but the recognition desk the guys who sash the throws,” he said after the game.
  • However, the Magic delivered the Suns a decent fight – especially in the defensive. Although she did not meet well as a team (38 percent from the field and 18 percent of downtown), they managed to rely on a two-digit Suns lead in the second half and secured two free throws of Topscorer Wendell Carter Jr. (20, 12 Rebounds) with 1:51 minutes on the clock even your first lead in the second half. In the episode, however, they lacked the dragmity.
  • Franz Wagner showed one of his weaker games of the season and finished the game with 6 points (3/8), 1 rebound and 2 assists. His brother Moe Wagner was with 12 points from the bank (3/9) even second best casters of his team. After all, Mo Bamba secured 15 rebounds, but often overwhelmed against Suns-Big Deandre Ayton (21, 19).

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