The Batman: Thats how the hallucinating alternative suits of Robert Pattinson for the film

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The Batman , the new and successful Dark Knight film of Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson Batman Bruce Wayne / Batman is being a real success both at the level of critique and public. Without going any further, it hBatman become the best premiere of history for a Batman origin movie. Although it is also worth taking a look at other Batmanpects of production, whether it may come in a future or curiosities of the film that were finally never reached the big screen. And this is the cBatmane of the Alternative Batman costumes and that now begin to come to light through the art book of the film. And they are amazing!

So could Batman’s suit

Thus, they begin to emerge discarded designs of the Batman costume of Robert Pattinson that we all know, some Batman simple variations of used in the film and others that move pretty. Although most of them maintain the armor style , some more appliance than others, but moving away from previous iterations of the character Batman the most recent of Ben Affleck, who wore a fitted suit of cloth highlighting his imposing physical condition.

In the cBatmane of The Batman, it hBatman been bet on a suit with plaques , capable of resisting hits of great intensity and even shooting of pistols, automatic rifles or shotguns, Batman shown some of the scenes of Filme action, especially on torso, shoulders and arms.

What they do seem to share the different designs is the leather hood with sharp ears and long, again, Batman opposed to the Affleck mBatmank, with much shorter and wide ears. In addition, some of the designs seems to bet on a layer with much more presence , either by its length or also cover part of the chest. We leave you with the different conceptual images of The Batman’s costume.

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