“Overwatch 2” 1st PVP beta test will be conducted in late April, and participating registration reception starts. Lets try new game mode etc.

BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT announced on March 11, 1st PVP beta test of “ Overwatch 2 ” in late April. Registration acceptance of participants started.

“Overwatch 2” is the sequel to the team’s match FPS “Overwatch”. Visuals are strengthened from the previous work, and the appearance of the heroes is renewed, and the dynamic environment, a significantly scaled up battle, the addition of events that digs the story, etc. are planned. Also, in PVP, changed from previous work to 5 to 5. It is also planned to introduce new game modes and new maps.

Blizzard conducts closed alpha tests in PVP mode this week. The company staff and professionals participate. And beta tests that general players can participate were held in late April. In this PVP beta test, new game mode “Push)” can also be played in addition to escorts and hybrids.

Push uses a new map of “New Queen Street” and “COLOSSEO”. The two teams first compete for the control of the centrally located robot. Then, the robot goes to the enemy base, and the team who pushed the robot to the back of the enemy side will win. Each team can repeat robot control right at any time.

Death of a Game: Overwatch

In addition, a new map is also prepared here for “Circuit Royal” and “Midtown” for the Escort. Furthermore, the new hero “Sojourn” is also available. The rework (adjustment) has been done for Olisa Demisu Fist Bastion Sombra. Besides this, you can also try a ping system that can share information with friends.

The Game Designer Aaron Keller, who has made this announcement, has changed the plan to disconnect PVP content and PVE content with “Overwatch 2”, “Overwatch 2”, “Overwatch 2”. Reveal. This is also because of the fans touch this work quickly, and first we first decided to provide it from PVP content. In addition, we showed the idea of ​​increasing the opportunity to interact with the community and the opportunity to provide information, and to create this work together.

The first PVP beta test of “Overwatch 2” will be implemented in late April. The compatible platform is a PC (BATTLE.NET account required). If you are interested, let’s register from the official site. Participants are selected by lottery and participants are sent to winners. Also, beta tests are divided into multiple times in the future.

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