Smartphone Action RPG Echoes of Mana “Sacred Sword Legend Echoes of Mana” “Holy Sword Legend Echoes of Mana Official Raw Broadcast # 0” Delivery decision!!

Square Enix Co., Ltd. is a “Sacred Sword Legend” Series Smartphone Action RPG “Sacred Sword Legend Echo’s Ob Mana” by WFS Development Co., Ltd. Echoes of Mana Official live broadcast # 0 “was decided.

Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Head office: President of the President of Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo: Matsuda Head office: Head office: Head office: Deputy Director of Minato-ku, Tokyo: Holy Swords Action RPG for smartphones in the Legend “Holy Swords Legend Echo’s Ob Mana”, “Finana January 1822 (Fri) 21:00 Development of” Holy Sword Legend Echoes Of Mana Public House Broadcasting # 0 “.

# “Holy Sword Legend Echoes of Mana Official Raw Broadcast # 0” Delivery decision!

# # Delivery date: March 18, 2012 (Fri) 21:00 will be started

From 21:00 on March 18, 2012, we will deliver “Sacred Legend Echoes of Mana official live broadcast # 0”. Guest “Holy Sword Legend-Final Fantasy Gaiden-” Hiroho Shimono, Hiroho Nishiyama, “Sacred Sword Legend Ecale Obmanana” Kilt Role Hirozan, “Holy Sword Legend 3” Welcomed Sacred Swords of the Role of Charlotte, Games We will deliver a lot of variety corners that can be enjoyed with the latest information and viewers. Please look forward to it.

[Performer] ※ 50 tonic order, honorific abbreviation

Shimono Shimono (Voice actor, “Sacred Sword Legend-Final Fantasy Gaiden-” Hero Role)
Hirotaro Nishiyama (Voice actor, “Sacred Sword Legend Echoz of Mana” quilt role)
Morigawa (Voice actor · “Holy Sword Legend 3” Charlotte Role)

Kojiya Shogun (“Holy Sword Legend” Series Producer)
Hidata Keisu (“Sacred Sword Legend Echo’s Ob Mana” producer)
Yusuke Murata (“Holy Sword Legend Echoz of Mana” Development Director)

# Square Enix Presents Japan


# # “Sacred Sword Legend Echo’s Ob Mana”

This work is an action RPG for smartphones in the “Sacred Legend” series. You can enjoy new stories beyond the frame of works, weave the character of the original character and successive “Sacred Swords Legend” series. In addition, it is possible to easily play “2D action” that can be said to be a series of series, and it is possible to fight with multiplayer.

# “Holy Swords Legend Echoz of Mana” title information

# # Title Overview

Title: Holy Sword Legend Echoes of Mana (Echo’s Ob Mana) Genre: Action RPG Compatible Model: IOS / Android Price: Item Private Type (Basic Play Free) HOTEL SUFHE China-Deal: English / English / English / German / French / Traditional / Korea Word delivery time: 2022 World simultaneous delivery planning and production: Square enix planning and development: WFS Teaser site: Official Twitter: HTTPS: //

# # # Right notation

© Square ENIX CO., LTD. All rights reserved.Developed by Wright Flyer Studios

# # Reference

Square Enix Co., Ltd. Square Enix Co., Ltd. is a leading company that continues to create creative and innovative content / service hit works in the entertainment field. The Group’s own IP of the Group is the “Dragon Quest” series (total shipment, download sales number 83 million), “Final Fantasy” series (more than 164 million), “Tomrader” series (85 million) Books or more), there are “Space Invader” series. (

※ Square ENIX and SQUARE ENIX logo, Dragon Quest / Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy / Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider / Tomb Raider, Space Invader / Space Invaders, Other Company Name, Square Enix Group in Japan and Other Countries It is a trademark or registered trademark of.

※ Other company names and product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

# About WFS Co., Ltd.

WFS Co., Ltd. is a company that delivers “new surprise to people around the world” as a technologies based creative company. In 2014, “disappearance city” is released after that, and after that, “I’m wrong to seek a dungeon” and “Memoria Freze ~”, “Memoria Furese ~”, “I was a slime when I was reborn Ryu’s National Assembly (Delivery: Bandai Namco Entertainment Co., Ltd.), “Haven Burns Red” creates hit titles, and overseas expansion is also actively conducted. (

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