How to take acting lessons in BitLife

If you want to take acting lessons in BitLife, you need to start from an early age. Acting lessons will be unlocked together with other lessons on the “Mind and Body” tab by eight years .

Start with creating your character, and then adapt. Before graduating, think that your character has a beautiful appearance. High appearance will help you in your further career. Acting.

You can make sure that your character has a high appearance by throwing a cube. Reroll is simple, it’s just the creation of new characters until you get decent statistics.

Nevertheless, continue to ride until you receive a decent appearance, and then focus on aging to eight years. At eight years you will need to find Mind and Body tab under actions in BitLife.

In the “Mind and Body” section you need to find the “Lessons” tab. You can then find acting lessons by clicking the “Lessons” tab. Press version of acting lessons And you ask Mom, is it possible to run them in the game.

But there is a fairly decent chance that she will refuse. If this happens, you will need to continue to ask her or restart your character . Most often the best option will recreate your character to save time.

After reconstructing your character, perform the same actions until you manage to start the lessons of acting skills. As soon as you begin acting lessons, continue your passage, like other lessons that you can start at a young age.

In short, it means to keep practitioner and take acting lessons. You can continue to practice, again finding the “Acting Lessons” tab in the “Mind and Body” section.

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