OverVATCH 2: Login for Closed Beta started and information about the PvE

Blizzard Entertainment has announced a change of direction in the development of OverVATCH 2. In an update, Game Director Aaron Keller turned out to speak and introduced the future plans for the team shooter. Thus, the team separated the PVP multiplayer from the planned PVE content. Overwatch 2 will not appear more than the overall package – instead, fans first get the multiplayer mode and at some point the new co-op experience.

In addition, Blizzard wants, that the players can now take a look at the PVP part of OverVATCH 2 as soon as possible. For this reason, a first closed beta for the team shooter will soon take place in which all the novelties of the successor can be tried. This includes the revised 5V5 format, four brand new maps, push mode and the chance to test new heroes such as sovies or revisions of Orisa, Domfist, Bastion and Sombra for the first time.

Registrations for the beta are already started on the official website of OverVATCH 2. At the end of April, first player should be invited. Before that, the employees of Blizzard and professional players of the Owatch League are already allowed to start. Over the course of the year, further beta phases are planned – including an open test for all interested parties. However, Oververatch 2 does not have a precise release.

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