Elden Ring: How to Bed the Totenbett

If you have played Elden Ring, they are undoubtedly encountered FIA, everyone’s most popular companion on the dying bed, in the Roundtable Hold. FIA has stolen the hearts (and the HP) of Elden Ring players around the world, and how many of the characters in the game is their outfit available by completing a certain quute series. While most people would only do with the hood and the robes, some players are looking for something… more. Look, I will not tell anyone if you do not tell any1. So you get the Deathbed Smalls in Elden Ring.

How to get Deathbed Smalls in Elden Ring

In contrast to the rest of Fias Outfit, the Deathbed Smalls are cut-out content and can not be obtained by normal gameplay. There is only there so that FIAS character model has something to dress, and you can not get you for yourself. However, you can get them when you are ready to use cheats and play offline. Basically, basically, just use the cheat engine and enjoy your time in horny jail.

While the Deathbed Smalls can not be obtained in a normal way, you still have a complete set of statistics for those who purchase them through cheats or mods. Here are the defense and resistance values ​​for the Deathbed Smalls (because they use them completely for the statistics):

  • ** Damage?

Elden Ring | Lionel's Set + Deathbed Dress | Where To Find Armor Set
* Physical: 1.5
* Slash: 1.5
* Piercing: 1.5
* Magic: 6.8
* Fire: 6.5
* Lightning: 6.8
* Holy: 72.
* Resistors
* Immunity: 24
* Robustness: 7
* Focus: ???
* Vitality: 66
* Attitude: ???

Like most of you expected, the Deathbed Smalls did not have the best defensive values. They have a fairly low stand Pripel resistance, some of them certainly enjoy.

Where to find the rest of Fia’s outfit

If you are looking for the rest of Fias Outfit, you must complete your entire quest row. Among other things, their search includes finding the death of death and defeating Lichdragon Fortissax, and as a reward, you will receive Fia’s Robe and Fia’s Hood.

As for the Deathbed Dress, the counterpart to the Deathbed Smalls, find it in Leydell, the royal capital. It stands on a bed next to the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace. You can also get Lionels armor set in the same place.

ELDENRING is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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