Freiburg after Grifo double pack again up with it

Vincenzo Grifo knew he had never experienced this.

Fantastic Fair Play! Terrific Sportsmanship Despite Being Behind
“My first, or? My first double pack. Yes, I did not get it,” replied the 28-year-old after he met for the first time in the football Bundesliga twice in a game and the SC Freiburg to 3: 2 (2: 0) had led against the VfL Wolfsburg. “It’s running, it does not work,” Grifo said mischievously.

Overall, the Badern runs so well that it folded the victory in the furious ultimate phase. And that the Freiburg could create something very different for the first time at the end of the season: it is still realistic that the playing time can end in May with the SC Freiburg as Champions League participant. “The victory was Sau-Important,” said the premiere double teacher in the SWR.

Grifo is representative of some development in Breisgau. Like national defenders and winner of the winner Nico Schlotterbeck, he has an individual class, which is decisively the extraordinary width in the Freiburg Cader is crucial for the European Cup hopes. So with coach Christian Streich succeeds one of the best Freiburg seasons. Streich had renewed his contract until more than ten years after more than ten years. With his 104th Bundesliga victory with the Nico Schlotterbecks club he already closed to Volker Finke.

Grifo: Prank an “extraordinary coach”

Grifo knows what he has at Freiburg and his conveyor. “I think we do not talk about our coach,” Although Grifo said at the pay-TV channel Sky, but talking on the praise: “He is an extraordinary coach. He gives you a good feeling.” Because the coach all together, the atmosphere is good and the team “Happy”.

Against the half-time weak Wolfsburg Grifo first made what he likes with: he shot a free kick and turned him directly (7 minutes). Then he put it with a volley shot (44.). In string words, the praise sounded like this: “Vince is diligent, is on the way, works, Malocht. Vince has understood a long time ago that a complete player, a player uses 100 percent for the team,” said prank : “So he has become Italian national player. That’s a big award.”

Schlotterbeck a candidate for the DFB selection

Nico Schlotterbeck also stands for not to leave Freiburg to be recommended for the national team. National coach Hansi Flick has him for the World Cup in Qatar on the note. Schlotterbeck underpinned his demands as he pounded the ball with the ball (87.) and took care of the Wolfsburg gates of Max Kruse (52.) and Maximilian Arnold (84th) for Freiburg Cheers. “I’ve never had something like that, such an emotional explosion at the end,” he said.

Also string was out of the edge and band, with a slight distance he responded with a wink: “Nico got the ball as well stored so that he had to swing through in principle only the foot through. With his quality you can expect that a bit far. “

The twelfth season win was therefore valuable for prank because “pretty theater with Corona” had herred. Although the SC with four cases is not as affected as other clubs. But is something going on? A little distance should help. He does not plan the two free days, not least, “that we will not see each other,” said prank. Finally, on Saturday in Fürth, the next three points in the fight for international places.

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