Stiping against Hamilton: on bending and breaking

Sympathy? Not with Lewis Hamilton. In any case, find max stages, the world champion of three months. On the very last lap of the last race he had left the Great Dominator of recent years the World Cup title. It was the gripping Formula 1 season for a long time, and stapping is of course, there was the right winner and Hamilton should cease to paste: “He can look back on the seven tracks he already has. It’s not that bad either… I would hurt less in the same situation. “

You do not have to believe that, but it is a first taste that it could be a bit harder in 2022 than in the already violent preseason. In Monza, in Silverstone, in Brazil or Abu Dhabi, everywhere stages and Hamilton had delivered uncompromising duels, partly on bending and breaking the material. That his World Cup victory wears a flaw, stages will find in conversation with the “Guardian” by the way “not at all. I think I deserve that. I also had a lot of bad luck. The people always remember only the last race. But if Looking at the whole season, the World Cup should have been decided much earlier. “

The users at world have a clear opinion. More than 35,000 made with the survey for the new special issue of motorsport, and 75 percent of these were of the opinion that stages were a worthy world champion, only 17 percent saw Hamilton. A similar, but not so clear picture results for this season: 45 percent believe that stages will stand at the top again 2022, at least 30 percent trust Hamilton the title made in winter terribly rar.

Some feared, the 37-year-old would not come back, but he masters the game with the tension and social media. 27 million follower Hamilton has instagram, more than three times as many as stages. Some thought Mercedes first demanded a victim of the World Association Fia, before Hamilton goes back; Finally, one was not drawn against the most controversial decisions of Abu Dhabi. So race director Michael Masi was fired, he had lost the overview in his thankable job 2021 several times the overview and in the last race the five rounded drivers still passed past Hamilton, which made the big showdown possible.

Toto Wolff’s tip against Red Bull

“I did not talk to Masi, and I never want to talk to him again,” Toto Wolff foams in the fourth season of the Netflix series “Drive to Survive”, which starts from Friday and review the title race 2021 once again in all details Let’s happen. Only stages did not give up a cooperation with the filmmakers, because some conflicts would be too clear to him. For Wolff no problem, the Mercedes team boss sends a peak towards competition. “Jonathan Wheatley did his job. He turned around Michael Masi, not only in Abu Dhabi, before, and Max probably owes him a lot.” Wheatley is the sports director at Red Bull. With their team boss Christian Horner, Wolff anyhin connects a mutual aversion, both not only hiding.

Her two drivers indeed fight on the track, but also give the necessary respect. “Everything is fine, we are both racers,” says stages. A lot of consensuses away from the track, the two most talented drivers of their generation will not exist with 13 years old age difference. While Hamilton sees itself as a linguistic tube against maladministration, the moments of public reflection are still rare in stages, which may also be due to the age.

Ex-colleague Bottas warns about Hamilton

Wait from: Lewis Hamilton. Daimler AG

But even Hamilton is currently watching athletic. “If you think that you’ve seen my best at the end of last year, then waits for what you can see this year,” he explained. The Briton, beaten in December of Prince Charles in Windsor to Sir Lewis, wants to get his eighth World Cup title. Now with the highly changed new cars and the fast George Russell as a teammate, which may afford valuable helper services. His previous partner Valtteri Bottas now sits in the Alfa Romeo. The Finn says about the “living legend” Hamilton: “After all that happened to 2021, we will see that Lewis will never return to heavy. In him, the fire burns, so: beware!”

Hammer-Time – Of course, the US marketers of Liberty Media hope. There should be spectacular dual with Max I, who had a strikingly solved in the tests in Barcelona, ​​may have a concomitant phenomenon of the World Cup title, because of now everything was only “a bonus”. Probably also in terms of financially. Last week signed a new record contract until 2028 at Red Bull, no other driver is bound so long. At a salary of 30 million euros per year, he is now at eye level with Hamilton.

And the new cars with the larger tires and completely changed aerodynamics could certainly meet the driving style of the Dutch. But maybe Lando Norris in McLaren or Charles Leclerc in the fight for the title. Or Sebastian Vettel’s Aston Martin finally comes to tours. To hope remains only that after the crash in Monza or Silverstone everything remains in the context and the customs are not redistriolished. Then 2022 can be more than just a hunting season.

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