Where to find a hidden story “Edge faith” in Lost Ark

It is easy to skip the hidden stories of the edge of faith in Lost Ark. You can find this hidden history on the continent of Shushir in the area of ​​the Ice Blood Plateau. Also nearby there is a wet seed, so these are two awards for one bypass.

Lost Ark All Rethramis Hidden Story Locations Guide

Where is the hidden history of the edge of faith?

Go to the Gramun Fortress in the northern part of the map. It is east of the territory of the plane demons, but north-west of the raid of plague demons. In the ground next to the bones and stones on the very northern edge of the fortress, graumun lies with a stick. Explore the stick on the western side of this small area.

The wet seed is located in the eastern part of this small area. You can get them both at a time.

On the way to this hidden story you will meet many enemies, so be careful. It is recommended to defeat the goal before the passage of this hidden history, if you do not want to use a lot of healing potions.

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