XLA Games, Blocks-based Aki World Released in July

The XLE Games, which serves MMORPG Akiie, will launch Aki World, which is a block of Global Akiege, aimed at July, aimed at July. “Aki World” is expected to become the first Simleless Open World, which is the first Simles Open World, which is the first Simleless Open World, which is a block chain technology, and as the first generation MMORPG developer,

‘Aki World’ plans to return the ownership of major items / assets / characters, which was not legally recognized in existing games, and will not affect the game balance for the company’s benefit.. The users can own and trade various items such as the land and house of the housing system, the tip of the Akiege, and the house of the housing system.

The economic system of ‘Aki World’ operates the newly issued game token blue sol (BSLT), and the main commissioning ‘Akium’ in the game of the newly issued game token on the Bora block chain under Cacao Games. Users can acquire archemo through several activities in the game, which can be used as a main material of character growth. In addition, you can trade arches based on Blue Solts in the game exchanges. Blue Salt is scheduled to be provided with a bora with a bora.

AHOY$$ Awesomeness Ahead! Upcoming Kickstarter/Gamefound Week of March 15

The company conducts the Aki World Dictionary Registration Events from today (Wednesday) to 23 (Wednesday). Participants will provide the opportunity for Aki World official fandom card NFT Primary Mint on March 28 (Mon). Fandom card NFT is a rare card that provides a random of 2,600 of Akiege’s unique etiquette and a total of 2,600, a total of 2,600, a pie, and Moo 25.

The Civil Representative, a joint delegation, which is preparing to launch Aki World, “plans to increase the liquidity of the game token and NFT on the environment provided by the Bora platform. The company provides a minimal platform, and all transactions aim to freely go to the user and implement the economy in the real game. ” “I look forward to the support of gamers as” the March 1st NFT campaign, “I am looking forward to the Gamer’s support as I am preparing for the Aki World Formal Opening.”

Learn more about Aki World’s pre-reservation, which is scheduled to launch in July today, can be found on the Aki World official page.

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