GTA 5: PS5 version is faster – fans is not enough

Everything has an end, only GTA 5 not. The Open World Game, which appeared on the PlayStation 3 for nine years ago, now returns with the PS5 version. While this is faster than the versions before, players are dissatisfied – and mock GTA 5 on the PlayStation 5.

Shorter charging times on the PS5

This Is Really BAD News If You Are NOT Playing GTA 5 Online On A Playstation 5 Or Xbox Series X!
Grand Theft Auto 5 continues to be one of the most popular Open World games and would also like to mix in the current console generation. Like the versions before, GTA 5 for PS5 comes with some improvements therefore, including faster charging times.

The Game Magazine Video Games Chronicle has compared GTA versions for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and can detect a wide jump. While Grand Theft Auto 5 needs on the PS4 one and a half minutes , the PS5 version loads in under 30 seconds . (Source: VGC)

GTA 5 is back – and gets a lot of ridicule

This is a significant improvement, but players still remain unimpressed. Because although the PS5 version loads three times as fast as the PS4 version, this is a nine-year-old game. Compared with current open-wold games such as Horizon Forbidden West, which loads on the PlayStation 5 in a few seconds , the loading times for GTA 5 are almost embarrassing.

This impression conveys the comments below the comparison video. The YouTube user Uptown Game Corner writes, for example, that this is a “enormous shortening” of the loading times, but still “ too long for a PS5 game “. The user Hugo Stiglitz mocked Rockstar Games and says that this proves how incompetent the developer team is. “200 million specimens sold and you can not get it to compete with others on the platform ?”

The Next Gen versions for GTA 5 are now available digitally . In addition to improved loading times they also offer three different graphics modes : for 60 fps, natives 4k and raytracing.

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