NBA: Nikola Jokic conjures, Bones Hyland starts Fire – Denver Nuggets win MVP

The exchange of the two MVP candidates Nikola Jokic and Joel Embid kept what he promised. At the end of an entertaining game with two strong main characters, the Denver Nuggets have secured a narrow 114: 110 victory in Philadelphia. That was not only on the magicians of the Joker, but also on a fire rookie.

Philadelphia 76ers (41-26) – Denver Nuggets (41-28) 110: 114 (boxscore)

Jokic showed his complete MVP package after initial problems. He sinked crops on the way to 22 points (8/16 FG), served his teammates lived spectacularly with 8 assists and also collected 13 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks (at 5 turnover). But the Serb was also allowed to thank the strong support of the bank that it reached into the comeback victory in the end.


Denver had completely overslept the start, then it was Jokic, Barton (20) and the reservists who returned the nuggets. The duel of the benches went to the guests with 48:14, in the final portion Bones Hyland fire. 12 of his 21 meters (including 4 threesome) achieved in this passage, Demarcus cousins ​​(8 and 4 assists) or Jamychal Green (10 and 8 rebounds) also knew in their minutes.

On the other side, apart from the Big Three came too little. Although Joel Embid showed a strong performance (34 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists, 11/20 FG) and James Harden scratched on a triple double (24, 11 assists and 9 rebounds at 6/11 FG and 11/12 FT) But otherwise only Tyrese Maxey delivered good support with 19 points.

The hot longed duel of the two MVP candidates started extremely promising. Directly in the first time minutes, Jokic blocked a layup attempt from Embiid, which gasped shortly thereafter with a clever pumping fake followed by a driving dunk. The threesome also fell at the Camerooner. His second triple of the evening was already at 27:14 in the middle of the first quarter, Embiid had already 10 points.

Joel Embiid starts strong – Jokic comes late in ride

The teammates also had the right target water intu, the Sixers sinked 5 of the first 7 attempts from the distance. On the other side of the court, the good defense forced numerous nuggets ball losses (7 in the first quarter), which resulted in a meantime 17-point leadership for the households. It went to the second section at 37:22.

At the Sixers, however, the throwing quotas went huge in the basement, denver continued to act. Jokic also came against the frequent double the hosts yet, Matisse Thybulle took out a highlight block against the Joker. His brilliance was once again noticeable with a perfect FullCourt Pass, Denver now pressed more momentum – the transition defense revealed more often than Sixers problem – and shortened, also thanks to the next magic pass of Jokic, with a 10 : 0-course – 58:53 for the Sixers at half-time break.

After the side change Philadelphia’s leadership was fast. The reigning MVP had now finally shaken the weak start, a 10: 3-start into the second half brought Denver the leadership. The Sixers answered with improved defense, some buttery jumpers of Embiid and numerous free throws of harden. To the final portion, Philly moved back to 88:81 of it.

But this leadership was only brief, this time thanks to the strong Nugget Bank for Counsins and Hyland. At Denver, the threesome finally fell, what the rookie was impressively demonstrated with three deep buckets in a row. Via the first three passes, the guests made just 6/23 from the distance, in the fourth quarter it was 7/10.

Nikola Jokic conjures, Hyland on Fire – Nuggets Siegen

When Jokic returned to the parquet middle of the final section, Denver had a 103: 99 lead in the back. The first 26 Nuggets points in the fourth neighborhood came all from the bank. Meanwhile, Philly focused on the Two Man Game between the Harden and Embiid, the latter was cleared by Jamychal Green with a flagrant 1, the center landed with his back on the court, but could continue.

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Again, for the Nuggets Hyland from Downtown, Jokic sank a crazy runner in the forward traps and the Sixers had some chances of distance from the distance. Maxey finished a two-minute drought of Sixers, Barton wants to showcase nerves and subsequently sinked a few seconds before only one of his two free throws and held it so exciting (+3 nuggets). Georges Niang (8, 2/10 threesome) got a good look out of the left corner – but put the potential threesome to compensate for the side of the backboards. Victory for the nuggets!

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