“ELEX2” 1 Literature MOD MOD appears-change the viewpoint and mismatch (but the battle is difficult)

It is an open world RPG “ ELEX2 ” released on March 2, but a so-called one-piece camera-made MOD, which usually turns the camera of the third person perspective to one person, was published. If it is a game where 1 person and 3-person and 3 persons can be changed, I want to enjoy the beautiful scenery at the side of the back of the main character who got tired, and this MOD may be useful.

Piranha Bytes developed, “ ELEX2 ” that THQ NORDIC is released, as well as a wide variety of weapons such as bows and swords, but also a variety of weapons such as firearms and magic, and Open World ARPG, characterized by height. Once the collision of the meteorites, the “planet Magalan” that the civilization collapsed once, the main character’s jacks will be operated to fight the new invader “Sky and”.

This MOD published this time is usually a three-person perspective that is usually to move its back, and a mechanism that makes it a simulated one-man camera by operating the camera position. Currently, as a result, other camera system mods will compete. As the author sangeki himself stated, this MOD is a purpose for photography exclusively, and it seems to be unsuitable for real play, and the battle under the introduction is very difficult. Unfortunately it seems that it does not seem to be a powerful battle with one person.

Similar 1-personification MOD is also released in “ Dark Souls III ” which is the previous work of “ Elden Ring “, and MOD expected to appear even in “ Elden Ring ” It is one of them. This corresponds to the battle, which is similar to the TES series. This MOD, MODDER, MODER, has two types of FOV59 / FOV65, and both are available at “NexusMod” dealing with MODs of various games.

In addition, MOD introduction is your personal responsibility.

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