There is already a date for the symphonic concert of the knights of the zodiac

One of the most expected events by anime fans in Mexico will finally be carried out this year. That’s right, we’re talking about _ The Knights of the Zodiac: Pegasus Fantasy, to Symphonic Experience _, Which, after several years waiting, Finally it has been revealed when this concert will be carried out, And the prices of your tickets.

Through a statement, it has been revealed that this symphonic concert will be held on September 3, 2022 . All stakeholders must be aware, since at the end of April, tickets will be for sale for this event at Here we will find tickets ranging from $ 700 pesos, up to $ 3,900, more service charges.

If you decide to opt for the most expensive option, you will not only have access to the knights of the zodiac: Pegasus Fantasy, to Symphonic Experience, but also * a special package will be observed, which includes a special lithograph created by Michi Himeno, * Character designer, as well as a kit with official merchandise.

In addition to the concert, attendees can also enjoy a series of special activities, and official merchandise by Toei Animation. Remember, The Knights of the Zodiac: Pegasus Fantasy, Symphonic Experience will take place on September 3 in the Arena City of Mexico , and tickets will be on sale at the end of April.

THE DARK KNIGHT - Symphonic Concert - Vienna
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