All SHD caches at Civic Center of The Division 2

There is a new range of SHD caches at your disposal in the Division 2_ with the release of a new location _Warlords of New York. These hidden caches throughout the city. You will find five at Civic Center, where you attempt to hunt Theo Parnell.

outside the regulation

The first is immediately outside the colony in the center of the map, where you go to advance in the location of the civic center. When you leave the colony, move forward and left of the entrance, you should see an alley. Go down, and the SHD cache is nestled at the top of the vents. You can access it by advancing in the driveway, jumping on a metal crate and dating back the ventilation mouths.

Northeast of the University

The next place you can find northeastern university near the colony you start. This will be underground, then locate the sewer input under the highway. Enter the sewers and follow the path to the other end, where you should find an output. However, before heading for the output, continue and on the left side, you should see a door that you can enter.

Enter inside and approach the door on the other side. Look through the glass and pull on the red panel to access the next room. The next room should have another door with a padlock, which you can shoot. In the next section, you will fight a large yellow level cleaner. After taking them, go down the next passage, and the SHD cache should be at the end.

Outside Columbus Park

The entrance to the next cache is on the north side of Columbus Park. Stay on the north side of the site and continue towards the driveway that faces him. Take up and you should see a cable drop that you can shoot, which falls after shooting. Use your grapple on the rope and climb on the roof. From there, it’s a direct path to the location of the door you have to enter.

When you arrive at the door that requires a tension, look behind you and find the red panel on the opposite buildings. Pull up by activating the door to let you in. The cache is in a corner, inside the second room of the abandoned building.

Chinese restaurant

The next is above a Chinese restaurant. Go to the north side of the map, and you should see a building with a red banner above that says “noodle store”. Enter inside and go to the second floor. The door must let you enter and when you continue towards the roof of the building, you should see a mesh fence blocked by a padlock. Pull the padlock and cache is on the other side.


All Civic Center SHD Tech Caches Division 2

The final location is on the northeast edge of the map. You will find it hidden in a corner. All you have to do is go to the front of the great white semi-truck in front of a building, go to the top, to jump on the roof, and the final cache should be on the opposite side.

There are four new SHD cache locations in any New York in The Division 2. Be on the lookout for others.

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