Call of Duty Insider launches a new map of Warzone Teaser

A prominent Obligations Insider has dropped a new mockery on the new map that, it is reported, comes along with the launch of Call of Duty: war zone 2 after this year. The mockery comes from the hand of Tom Henderson, one of the most prolific sources when it comes to _bacalao. Unfortunately, the provocation is vague and does not provide any real media of the map, but offers a little information and good news for those who like the location of the current peak. zona of war map.

The advance is courtesy of Twitter and, more specifically, through an interaction between Modern Warzone and Tom Henderson. Quoting on Twitter the first, the second mocked that Peak “reminds them” to the Observatory’s PDI in the next _zona of war a bit. ” This is the scope of the provocation, which can consult below:

As zona of war players will know, Peak is one of the most chaotic zona of war places where many players are going to die. It is not clear if Henderson is insinuating that this new location that he is causing will also be a focal point on the map or if it simply looks similar. Whatever the case, take everything here with a grain of salt. While Henderson is a great source, he does not deny the fact that everything here is not official and is subject to change.

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