Boo throw in Bochum: Points gone, ghost game threatens

Seven games in the Bundesliga had been aborted since 1963 before, mostly it was that an opportunity was unetaried, fog or other weathercapriolic templates. A comparable case to the cup of beaker in Bochum occurred for about eleven years ago on St. Pauli.

On April 1, 2011, the game against Schalke 04 had been broken off because a St. Pauli fan had injured the referee assistant Thorsten Schiffner with a mug. The game was evaluated with 0: 2; Moreover, the host has been instructed to leave a home game without viewers.

However, this judgment was revised. Instead, St. Pauli had to organize a home game of the new season at least 50 kilometers from Hamburg.

It is therefore to be expected that the three points at the green table go to Borussia Mönchengladbach, which led to Friday evening 2-0 in Bochum. And possibly the VfL Bochum in the relegation battle must be denied a game without the support of his own followers, without a doubt a clear disadvantage in the race for the whereabouts in the Bundesliga. Not to mention the financial disadvantage, because with a well-attended home game, the financially not straight on roses, the club generally sets a high six-digit amount.

AFL22. Germany. Bundesliga. Day 1. St.Pauli - Bochum. Full Match

“Very, very harmful for our external presentation”

An extremely bitter evening so for the VfL Bochum, who is for the first time after eleven years in the Bundesliga again and was allowed to welcome 25,000 spectators at the Castroper Straße again on Friday night, as many as many years were no longer. Incidentally, the Bochumer was involved in jerseys for the game against Borussia Mönchengladbach, which promote peace to set a sign against the war in Ukraine.

Of course, the beaker’s throw had violated Christian Ggantmann was not the first during the game. Repeatedly, the stadium spokesman had pointed out not to throw any objects in the square. And: Even before the game, Captain Anthony Losilla had recruited to drink and not throw beer on the club channels.

“This break is very, very harmful for our external presentation,” says Bochum’s CEO Ilja Kaenzig. “The great picture of VfL Bochum, which we have built this season, is of course damaged.”

Referee’s team is prudent

Incidentally, the referee’s spoke was quite prudent handled with the unusual situation, had retreated to the catacombs and decided there the inevitable scan. “With a dating attack on a game official, in the case of referee assistants, a game break is alternative,” said referee Benjamin Cortus at Dazn. “He was dazed, has been brought to the hospital and is examined there,” said the main referee on Friday evening. Florian Issue, the Second Assistant, I accompanied Gittenmann to the hospital.

Incidentally, the assistant hit at the head operates as a speaker for the DFB Foundation Egidius Braun. He was now attributable to a weekend, at which the memory of the recently deceased brown and its values ​​in all stages is present.

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