Epic Games Port Knight 2 Custom Procedures Supported in full, Ukraine

Epic Games (hereinafter referred to as the Epic), from March 20 to April 3, he said he would send the full amount of proceeds in to Ukraine who suffered from Russia’s invasion.

Epic is a plan to provide aid such as emergency, law, and refugees, such as emergency medical care, food and drinking water, such as emergency medical care, food and drinking water, through relief organizations such as UNICEF, UN Refugee Organization (UNHCR). “The Epic side said,” I will add more organizations for a few weeks. “

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The Epic side has passed by the company for rapid support, and after the money will be passed and the date of payment will be recorded, it will send its level of money to the relief organization. Packs purchased in game goods, , and battles are not included in the grant. Console, pc is a method of donating a full amount of netting generated on all regions and all platforms.

If the player’s purchase price does not want to be delivered to Ukraine, what applicable to the question is, “If not, I want to hold the purchase of a port night,”

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