Users who achieve the “Elden Ring” capture in play that has increased to the limit level 1

The challenge, such as “Seoul” series of high difficulty and reputation from software “Seoul” series, and performing “Speed ​​run” that competes with the fastest time, it can be said to be “tradition” of series fans.

Even with “ Elden Ring ” that only one month has not been elapsed from the release on February 25, 2022, Ongbal and Lobosjr, who overseas users overlike the common sense.

OnGbal is a user who has attracted attention in the amazing play video of “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice”, “LVL1 WRETCH VS MORGOTT THE OMEN KING (Solo, No Damage)” “LVL1 WRETCH VS MALIKETH THE BLACK BLADE (SOLO, NO “Damage”, etc. Post a number of boss capture videos such as “King Maique Maique” and “Black Sword Marikes” as Level 1.

One Lobosjr is a regular of the “Seoul” series Challenge Lang community, and in the past, a person well known in the Achievements such as “Dark Souls 2” Boss Capture Speed ​​Run. This time, a large number of play videos that push the world of “Elden Ring” as Level 1 have also posted a large number of Youtube channels, and some were also watched.

Other than that, but it was impossible to reproduce after 1.03, but also the “Elden Ring” battle, such as Iron Pineapplle, which realized a speed run, and the user who discovers the “secret” hidden and buried in the game is also present.. The previously found one of the icebergs may be only at the corner of the iceberg.

Elden Ring Ultimate LEVELLING UP Guide For New Players & Beginners - Level 1 to 300+ FASTEST METHOD
※ UPDATE (2022/3/21 20:35): Changing the article thumbnails and deleted the image because it was pointed out that it was a spoiler about the form of the boss. Thank you for pointing out in the comments section.

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