Fortnite: Collect Omni Chips to Mighty Monument

With the latest season from fourteen days With us you can explore all new parts of the map, participate in modes that do not build, and shoot yourself huge distances over the map to cover a large part in a single sentence. However, one of the new parts of Chapter 3 is the recording of Omni chips special objects that you can use to create some unique cosmetics.

But where do you find them all? We have given you some ideas where you can find them Lubricant Hain But where are you Mighty monument? We are here to help you find this fantastic cosmetics, so follow us while we give you the details where you can find these evasive chips!

Fortnite – Mighty Monument Omni Chip Locations

Once you’ve got on the way Mighten monument You should set off Boatsteg where you find your first and easiest to find Omni chip . The boat bar is located at the bottom of this area and is geared towards Refuge .

The second chip that you can find will be a bit off the beaten path, as it is on a small sandbine in the Eastern part of this place . Go to it and you will find it exactly in the middle of this small island, and it will be you.

The third one will be in the direction Northernmost part of the Mighty Monument , on the long rock formation. You will see how it floats there and lines it to grab it as it is between water and sand.

Collect Omni Chips at Mighty Monument All Locations - Fortnite
Luckily, there are also lots of weapons and equipment to ensure that they can fight out in a difficult situation and can come out with their NewN alive Omni chips in tow. And luckily since powerful monument is quite small, you should be able to collect all these chips and to get out of there to get out without prejudice.

If you have not got the chips in your hands Greasy grotto Maybe take the time to go there, so that you can grab as many as possible at once, and when you arrive there, they are completely with weapons and equipment equipped.

Fourteen days is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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