How to register to participate in beta

Blizzard Entertainment announced that the Beta version of Overwatch 2 PVP is available for registration right now. You can sign up by clicking the Beta Version Logging Logbook page down and click the Register Now button. . You will need to enter your Battle Net account, but as soon as you do it, you can enter the beta version. Beta only for PC.

Update: PVP beta testing will begin on April 26. . Beta version Overwatch 2 PVP will include a new hero, 4 new cards, a new Push mode and a new Ping system. The name of the name is Sodorne, it is depicted on the promotional image of the beta version. The character has a cybernetic hand, which makes it a very technological hero.

WoW Shadowlands: How to sign up for the BETA + an update!

There are messages that players cannot register on the web page. Blizzard reacted to these problems, promising to increase the capacity of the site. If you encountered an error that says: “[w] e could not register. Repeat the attempt after some time, “then restart the webpage and try to register again. This is your only option until Blizzard tells more.

Other heroes that will become part of beta testing are the returned veterans of Oris, the fist of death, Bastion and Somab. New cards are called Circuit Royal, Midtown, New Queen Street and Colosseo.

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