Chinese town development sim “Touhou, Hirano isolating” announced. Surrounded by beautiful nature, sometimes Sibia Wrinkle City Construction

Developer’s Seasun Games (Nishiyama, Corporation) announced on March 22, “Ballads of Hongye”. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). The release timing is scheduled for summer of 2022. According to the Steam Store page, this work seems to correspond to the Japanese language display.

Touhou LostWord - Dev Letter #9 (3/22/2022)

“Eastern, Plain Isolai” is a urban construction simulation game that develops a village in China and Khino Prefecture. The player will make various decisions as a director of the town. Guide people, grow the land by growing the town’s earnings, and enrich the lives of the people. A small decision of the player may result in a completely different result. In addition, while promoting development, it is said that the conspiracy behind is clear.

The player will choose from a randomly generated architectural plan and promote the creation of a town. The selected plan causes the buildings and industrial structures used by the player to change. The town’s management policy depends on the player’s selection. Let’s make it a top priority or the development of the population, and it will be carefully put the development of the economy, and if you decide once, it will be carefully decided carefully.

In this work, it is necessary to pass the examination of the examination team to obtain new land ownership. When prepared for resources and money, challenge each land challenge. By achieving the goal within the time limit, it is possible to acquire land ownership and get further resources and buildings. On the other hand, if the challenge fails, the invested resources will be wasted. When challenging land expansion, you will need to be prepared.

In the “Eastern, Plain,” there is a flow of four seasons. The landscape changes due to the shit of the season. On the other hand, nature also brings people to people. Due to pest disasters and drought, hunger, etc., catastrophic damage is brought about. In an appropriate timing, build a facility such as a fire house and a buddy shelf and prevent disasters. At the same time reducing the damage, it is also a chance to appeal the power to the residents.

It is also important to hire an excellent power plane (advisor). The Peauntary has a variety of skills and helps the player. Note that while the existence of an excellent power plane has a good impact on the development of the town, the Secretary of other regions is also aiming for a power plant. Sometimes, more salary is presented to visit the crisis where human resources are pulled out. It is one of the important choices that you enclose or give up a life officer.

The development of this work is the Studio Seasun Games in China. Japan is also based in Nishiyama, Ltd. So far, 3DMMORPG “剑 3 3” and 2D online game “剑 界” released. For Japan, the barrage shooting RPG “Girl Cafe Gun” was operated until August 2021 (currently terminated). This time, STeam seems to cut into a new genre called city construction simulation for single play.

“Eastern, Hirano-Aso” is scheduled to be released in summer of 2022 for PC at STeam. In this work, alpha tests will be implemented in April. It is good to be able to apply for participation from the official Discord server, so if you are interested, it would be nice to check it.

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