CD Projekt confirms that the medallion of the new The Witcher is a lynx, moving away from Ciri from being Prota

This week the development of a new video game of the Witcher saga has been confirmed. From CD Projekt Red they have not taken too many tracks about the game, beyond that they will use the graphic engine Unreal Engine 5 and the image that accompanied the ad.

In fact, that image has been the subject of debate between fans. The pendant evidenced that Geralt is not going to be the protagonist of the game, since the medallion is not a wolf. The debate focused on whether it was a cat, which is the one that usually carries ciri . But, really, he looked like a lynx.

The New Witcher Won't Be About Geralt - Inside Games
Now, the Polish study has confirmed what it really is. In statements to Eurogamer, Robert Malinowski, Global Communication Director of CD Projekt Red, has assured that there is no such mystery and that _ “I can confirm that the medallion has, in fact, the shape of a lynx” _ .

So, we can put point to speculation about it: the medallion has the figure of a lynx. Now, another debate is generated, and there is no canonical lynx school at The Witcher, nor in the books, nor on games or the series. So, Who will be the protagonist?

In the aforementioned medium they explain that, the only thing related to a lynx in the universe of The Witcher, is a fiction in which the Lambert Brujo and the Kiera Metz Sorceress traveled to the South after the events of The Witcher 3 And finally they joined to reform the school of cats and renamed it as the school of the lynxes.

We do not know if the new game, to which refuse to catalog like The Witcher 4 from the study, will be related to this detail, although it seems unlikely. What makes us think is that we will have the opportunity to have an own character, created by the user **, through a character editor, as in games like Elden Ring or in Hogwarts Legacy.

In addition, the slogan of the poster speaks that a new saga begins. Geralt and company belong to the Lobo School . We assume that we can see them at some point in the game, even if it is pure Fanservice, but we can also think that it will be a new beginning, with new characters and stories. At the moment, it is only speculation. Perhaps Ciri can fit into the formula of the name change of the lynx school and are playing with all of us.

At the moment, from CDPR they have not indicated anything about it, so we will stay with the desire to know, at least for now, who will starve a game that is still in very early development stages . So, there is no other than having a little patience.

Remember that for this 2022 the launch of The Witcher 3 is planned at PS5 and Xbox Series X | S , a version for new generation systems that will include technical improvements with respect to the original. In addition, Players who already have the game on PS4, Xbox One and PC can update their version to this Complete Edition in a completely free way , which accounts for a way more than acceptable to live the epic adventures of Geralt of Rivia.

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