“Haasstone” developer Media joint interview. I heard a role in the “super large” development secret story and new species Naaga

BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT announced the new extended version “Submarine City Sleeping to Abyss” of the digital card game “ Haas Stone ” on March 18. Implementations are scheduled to be April 13. According to this, we have the opportunity for coverage this time, CHADD Nervig (Senior Game Designer), “Haasstone”, Mr. Senior Game Designer and Leo Robles (ASSOCITE GAME DESIGNER), the media joint interview with the new extended version It was carried out. In this paper, we will deliver the pattern.

– Please tell me why we decided to add Naga as a new seed or a new seed as the subject of this expansion pack.

Leo Robles:
When I wanted to make an expansion version with the concept of the seabed, the ancient city Jin Ascali was perfect at the world view of “World of Warcraft”. If so, it has been an idea that Naaga, a city resident, should be adopted.

New seed “Naga” …… A new race to be added from the expansion to the game. It is a characteristic race that there is a synergy with a spell. For more information, information, please check the official video.

– Questions about new extension cinematic trailers. The atmosphere was different from that of the previous trailer (such as not musical tone). Please tell me what I was made in this.

With regard to this trailer, it has been created in a completely different approach. It is a big reason to try to challenge different things than ever. We adopt modern style style and are only English version, but we make sound creation for visually impaired people. Since the musical tone has been adopted so far, the insertion song was singing under various languages, but this time, you can enjoy the expansion of the atmosphere of the extended version by emphasizing the instrumental this time I want to do so, the purpose of the trailer. As a result, we have received high evaluation from various communities.

– Is the trailer for each extension prepare a specialized team and produced alone? Or is it produced throughout the development team?

Of course, there is a team in charge of producing a trailer. It is not created by Team 5 (“Haers Stone” Development Team) and Idea, not just by the team in charge.

– I would like to ask about “super large” and “submarine exploration” which is the new keyword introduced this time. When using the former, it consumes many manas. The latter needs multiple turns to “pull the card from the bottom and put it in your hand”. Both were impressed that you have to build a deck that was aware of the late game to use it effectively. Please tell me how it is a keyword designed for what kind of game makeup.

Chadd Nervig & Leo Robles:
Both are not the design of the late game to be a conscious design. There is also a control type design, but I think that “Submarine Exploration” can be quickly expanded to the game even if it is adopted by Agrotype deck.

– Development members have often sent messages to “I want to suppress the activity of the comb-deck, including a single hit dead cell,” “I want to suppress the activity of the comb deck,” “I want to promote game makeup fighting on board.”, A new keyword “super large” and “submarine exploration” appearing this time may be considered that one of the measures for performing such policies?

New keyword “super large-sized” …… If summoned by all means, a minion group that is summoned with a dedicated token card with a set. In order to express the world view of “super huge organisms”, it is characterized in that one illustration is a visual design that divides a plurality of cards including tokens.

New keyword “Seafloor exploration” …… Look at the 3 cards from the bottom of the deck, choose one of them, and put it on the top of the deck.

It is as of that recognition. This year, the deck of “one-shot required” has become a big deal. Although I was delighted by some fans, I am conscious as a policy to reduce the success in the next fiscal year, and to fight with a card that is in the deck from the beginning. Midrange type decks and control type decks are also planning to create an enjoyable environment.

– What is the idea of ​​the keyword “super large” was born? Please tell me if the concept was present before, or it was born according to this expansion version.

Chadd Nervig & Leo Robles:
The “super large” idea itself has been floating for a moment when the “fierce fight! Dragon Battle” started on December 11, 2019. However, there is a past that was released because it is difficult to realize. And this time, it was adopted to express large-sized organisms.

– Design to divide the “super large” art into multiple cards is great. Please let me know if there is something unique development episode.

Leo Robles:
The “super large” is simply, starting from the place to make a huge minion, and it becomes a stage of expressing with multiple cards, and the effects suitable for multiple sheets will be good It is worked under the course. First of all, the first thing to think about how to think about how to drop it to “Haers Stone”, the idea of ​​the huge monster is different.

– I think that it was a big decision to add a new tribe of “Naga”. What kind of intention is the intention on the game design about this?

The reason for adding new races is intended to provide new plastic play tiles, such as how to play a spell that emphasizes spells, and tactical construction combining various minions.

-The tribe “Kilbore” added last year did not add a card after the appearance. Can you think “Nagaa” is a tribe for the expansion version now?

Chadd Nervig & Leo Robles:
We are thinking of adding “Naga” to the future expansion version. In the first place, “Kirbore” that is compare is a tribe that was considered to be added to the battle ground, and as a result is popular, so it is the form of reverse import in the royal road Haers st1. “Nagaa” will be seen in various places of “Haers Stone” from “Kirbore”.

– Are there any plans to appear in “Naiga” as “Kirbore”?

Naturally, I can not say anything now, but it is an interesting part, so something may happen in the future.

– Do you expect what you use for “super large” minions and new seeds “Nagaa”?

Leo Robles:
First of all about “super large”, I have a card with each character with each class, so I would like to play with various classes. There are many minions with synergy with spells regarding “Nagaa”. “Naga” can be active in the control of the deck by the construction of the deck. “Agro” “Mit range” “Control” is designed to be able to play how to play a traditional deck type framework. I want you to try a new way of playing.

– A race synergy other than “Naga” is also expected, such as the possibility of revival of the deck type “Meck Mage” revival in this expansion version, but according to it, the balance adjustment of the card power in the wild format Do you have any plans?

It is “Meck Mage”! Yatter! I love Mekuji and I am looking forward to being seen in the standard format again. However, there is no plan to adjust balance in wild format accordingly.

-This “mini set” has been added to all expansion versions in this fiscal year. Is next fiscal year is planned?

There is no need to be able to tell you. However, I understand that the mechanism “mini set” is popular in the community.

– It was announced that “mini set” is already included for all expansion versions in the second half of this year. But now has not been announced yet. If so, would you like to expect something new announcements?

The presentation is delayed because it is focusing on the game content update, and there is no reason that this is especially true.

-What will be the story of the expansion through the expansion version for a year, like this year’s mercenary. Or is it an independent story for each expansion?

There are two types of expansion versions and two types of things that are complete and complete, but this expansion version is complete to be completed alone.

– “Si Fineley Margulton” appeared in this cinematic trailer, but can you expect to the appearances of other exploration alliance characters?

As for Surfinley, the cardization has already been confirmed as “Sea Information Sensor Finele”, but there is no other member.

-As the content for single players, the Soloadoventure called “Hero’s Books” and “Mercenary Books” was expanded as content for single players, but do you plan to prepare similar content from next year?

I can not tell something at the moment, but I would like to continue to offer new ones, so please look forward to it.

– Is hidden puzzle added to this new extension?

Because it is a “hidden” puzzle, I can not say “There is a good” (laughs) I love to see the community’s people find and solve the puzzle.

– Lastly, please give a word to everyone in Japan.

As well as enjoying a new expansion version to everyone in Japan, I will go to Japan as soon as I can be free to travel, so I would like to thank you at that time.

Leo Robles:
We look forward to enjoying various ways that are not limited to the game through the new expansion.

New extension pack of “Haasstone” “Submarine city sleeping to the abyss” is scheduled to be mounted on April 13. In accordance with this, we have received a lead purchase of a packed pack more than usual. Please check the official site for details.

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