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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has received a PC port . Of course, it is not an official PC port of Nintendo, but a fan port. In January we had reported on the approaching release, and this release has now occurred. Due to the legal gray area in which the project moves, however, this port is not publicly put on the Internet as a complete package. Players must use their own Rome to export the ROM assets and combine these assets with the features of the port. So, in combination with a release via the own discord server, direct problems with Nintendo are to be bypassed.

What can the PC version?

In a YouTube presentation features of the “Ship of Harkinian” (the title of the PC port) are presented and the port demonstrates. A higher resolution and a higher frame rate are nothing new for Neuinterpretations of Ocarina of Time, such things have been possible for years via emulators. Significantly more interesting blades here features such as integrated control for keyboard, modding or gyroscope functionality.

Numerous other features are currently in progress. For example, Text-to-Speech, 60 FPS, a script system, twin-stick camera control, online functionalities and some other features are to be supplied. The project was made possible by the “Zelda 64 Reverse Engineering” team. These have decompiled the code of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, ie translated back to the original code of the game into people readable program code. This process makes it possible to run games like Ocarina of Time or SUPER Mario 64 without emulator on the PC.

What will Nintendo do?

Nintendo is not likely to approve this release. At the company behind Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and Co. are obviously gladly happy about fan projects that use their own IPS. Many projects were legally challenged over the years.

This is basically Nintendos right, they ultimately are the copyright of the brands and content. But just projects like the Ocarina of Time PC Port demonstrate the potential that is in many older games. And that without semi-gardening remakes or reboots, on the contrary. Ocarina of Time for the PC is obviously a heart project and it remains to be seen how long this project can survive.

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