Apple is not over the war, Epic Games Appeals No basis

The primary lawsuit is finished, but the antitrust lawsuits that the Epic Games and Apple are equal to Apple are expected to continue through appeal.

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As a local perspective, on March 24, Apple asked “the prohibition order exceeds the authority of the local court,” and asked to dismiss the command of the California court that allowed the external app payment to the Appeal Court. In addition, Apple explained that Apple has not presented evidence to support Apple’s distribution market, “exclusively”.

To understand Apple’s claim, you have to look at Apple and Epic Games’s lawsuits that you have decided in September 2021. Epic Games said Apple’s App Store Policy is a violation of antitrust law. The court ruled that Apple has not violated the nine provisions of the nine provisions that argued, such as editing popularity and editing of popular ranking, and third parties,

However, for the field of in-app billing, I listened to Epic’s hand part. The trial should be allowed to allow external payment systems in the App Store. Apple has confirmed that “I have confirmed that the App Store does not violate the antitrust method,” Apple said,

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In other words, Apple’s claim is that the Court court requested to overturn the judgment on the abolition of the in-app payment duty provision. Also, if Apple was submitted to the court, he said that he was “lack of evidence” for the claim of Epic Games, and that Epic Games adopted the exaggerated claims for the desired results.

The apple spokesman was expected that the final decision on this appeal would not be until the summer of 2023. In addition, Apple mentioned that the Fort Knight will not be considered to restore the Developer account of the Epic Games until the legal dispute is resolved.

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