Stroking the Open World: The Witcher 4 has to become linear

The Polish game skills CD project announces surprisingly a new Witcher game. It is clear in which direction one will move after the last main part. Finally, The Witcher 3 is not only the best role-playing game of the past for many, but also offers one of the best Open Worlds. I too saw that once, but Cyberpunk 2077 opened my eyes: CD project wants to tell stories and the Open World is usually just an obstacle. A comment.

The stories make you want more, but not the game world

The Witcher 3 cleared countless prices in 2015 and impressed with his thrilling story and fabulous Open World . While gaming companies such as Ubisoft, who always applied the same formula and at least let me be tired, was CD project third fantasy adventure in the Witcher universe was a successful change.

The gloomy fantasy game world invites you to explore, but the true motivation are the main and side quests that tell all your own exciting stories. So I striped just under 100 hours by the game world looking for new stories – and although the world of the Witcher 3 could fascinate me, I had to admit that the exciting game world did not have to go there and then is exciting.

The next game of CD project then opened my eyes with his Open World. With cyberpunk 2077 I lost much faster my explorer : That was not (only) at the Descentrous launch, which was particularly troubled on load-gene consoles glorious consequences, but above all on the open game world. I realized that to me mainly the stories make you want more, but not the game world .

CD project, Open Worlds are not your strength!

The king has fallen! CD project is no longer the top of the Open World developers. Comparent Red Dead Redemption 2 of the competitor Rockstar Games with CD project Cyberpunk 2077. In the Western game you ride through the icy mountain landscape, the dry prairies or lively small towns of America and every corner awaits you a small story: a person in need, one Raid or something completely bizarre. However, these encounters feel by no means repetitive because they all are designed individually.

Also in Cyberpunk 2077, you not only travel through the big city, but also through the dirty Badlands and, as in The Witcher 3, true on the most diverse figures that send you to interesting quests. But with the world itself you do not really interact. ** It feels mostly static.

In the case of cyberpunk 2077, you are missing in my opinion even the recognition value. This is because most tasks take place in linearly built areas such as buildings and you rarely explore the world itself on a mission. In addition, you often do not drive yourself to a mission destination, but lands in the passenger seat . After some short dialogues you can even skip the ride. All this shows me that the creative heads of CD project want to tell stories, but the game world is partially preventing it .


A linear Witcher game can work

For just these reasons, I long for a course change in CD project. The next big Witcher game must not be a pure Open World Game! Instead, CD project should look back in the past: the first two Witcher games were rather Semi-Open World , ie with individual elevators that change during the story. As a result, however, one also made sure that the main story can not be braked. In the Witcher 3, however, one loses itself after a few hours in the Open World. Just Gwent has turned my urgent search for Ciri into a mission of the prio group “on occasion”.

Or: CD project tries something completely new and dares a linear story game , for example, in a similar scope like Naughty Dog with The Last of US 2. With Cyberpunk 2077, the development team has already proven that it has been linear, scripted Quests can be pretty good, like the action-yellow prologue mission. This is CD project true strength: steering stories.

Unfortunately, that is very probably only wishful thinking. Because with the announcement also came the info that the next large Witcher game is developed on the basis of the Unreal Engine 5 and man “work closely with the developers of Epic Games, with the main goal, the engine for Open World Experiences to customize “. (Source: CD project Red)

Of course, wishful thinking could also be hoping. Because with the help of the Unreal Engine 5, a new Open World experience could be made possible, which makes the game world more merged with the narrative. What I decide for in the end? At this time rather than a wishful thinking of reality, mixed with a trace of disappointment. If then suddenly a linear story game becomes out of it, I give out a round.

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