Survival “The Planet Crafter” aiming at the planet tera forming-Early access start-Create life in a barren ground

Miju Games has launched an open world survival “The Planet Crafter” early access at Steam.

This work is an open world survival game that struggles as a person who has become afraid that humanity can live in a non-existent birty planet. While surviving on the planet, resources are collected, and various conditions necessary for humanity such as temperature, water and atmospheric oxygen concentration need to be established.

Resources collected on the planet can be used for bases and various machines manufacture. We aim to explore the planet that exists crashed spaceships and mysterious ruins, and aim to bring all the necessary equipment and bring life to the barren planet. During the early access, scheduled to 2 years, we plan to extend the story element and add vehicles, etc. On the other hand, there are no additional plans for violent elements such as battle with aliens and monsters.

# Main function of this work

  • Management of any thirst, oxygen, temperature and physical strength of the character

EARLY LOOK - The Planet Crafter | Colonize Wasteland Planet & Build a Survival Base to Create LIFE
* Building of base

  • Craft

  • Ore casting

  • Machine production for pressure and temperature control

  • Produce the atmosphere with oxygen

  • Produce life on planet

“The Planet Crafter”, who has been published free of charge as an alpha version, has recorded an overwhelmingly well-received “The Planet Crafter” in STEAM in early access with 1,980 yen (tax included). According to the Steam Store page, it supports Japanese interface / subtitles.

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