Surge new photo of the joker of Suicide Squad

Yesterday a deleted scene of _ The Batman _ was shared, which gave us the first official look at this new version of the Joker. Although the attention was focused on the Barry Keoghan interpretation, David yesterday, Director of _Suicide Squad, I did not want to stay out of the conversation, and shared a new image of Jared Joard Leto.

This Leak Changes Everything We Know About Jared Leto's Joker In Suicide Squad

Through the official account of him on Twitter of him, yesterday he does not give up, and continues to express the desire to see a new version of Suicide Squad, one that turns off to the original vision of him of him. In this way, he shared an image of his Joker, which is blurred. At the moment it is unknown if this is a natural effect, or it was edited to resemble the material of The Batman that was revealed yesterday.

Although the image is not clear, Here we can see Joker driving his purple Lamborghini . For its part, Warner Bros. still does not approve or affirm the existence of a version of Suicide Squad that sticks to the director’s vision. However, several actors support the idea of ​​seeing a new edition of this tape, which is considered by many as one of the worst Heroes films in history.

Justice League did a lot changed with the Zack Snyder edition, So there is a possibility that the same happens with David’s work yesterday . On related topics, here you can check the eliminated scene of The Batman.

Editor’s note:

For this point, order the cut yesterday of Suicide Squad sounds like something that will not happen. The success of The Suicide Squad and the peacemaker series are proof that the world has advanced, and there is nothing that can make us look back.

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