Academy of Raya Lucaria entering in Elden Ring: How to find the shimmer key

Also a month after the release of Elden Ring are the expansions of the intervals populated by players from all over the world. Many of them agree with our test and call the game a masterpiece. Whoever has to get warm, should once again look at our entry-level tips and our multiplayer instructions.

ATTENTION SPOILER: In the following article we mention some bosses and areas from Elden Ring (Buy Now 53.98 € / 50.99 €) and betray how the quest series goes out of Thops. If you are still at the beginning of the game, you should not read more.

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Page 1. Find the first shimmstone key

Page 2. The second shimmer key and thops, find the wizard

Page 3. Picture gallery to “Elden Ring: That’s how you will find the two shimmerstone keys”

If, on the other hand, you have already spent a few hours in Elden Ring and defeated Margit and Godrick , you may already ride through the idyllic swamps of Liurnia, the land of lakes. There is also the Majestic Academy of Raya Lucaria. But to enter the magic school, you need one of the rare shimmerstone keys **. We help you in the search!

The first shimmer key

Before we betray you the exact location, we will send you first to the Southor of the Academy , which is located in the middle of Liurnia. There you can not only find a place of grace, to which you can teleport you after receiving the key, but also a note that helps you find.

If you follow the instructions of the note, it lands directly at the key. Should this be too cumbersome, here is the exact location: west of the Academy is a grouping of stones that can be marked directly on the map. There, a gigantic dragon called shimmer stone dragon SMARAG , which opposes you with your approach of green flames.

Are you very fast or quiet, you can collect the shimmer key behind the dragon’s shimmer key and make you from the field. But the duel against the dragon can also be worthwhile: As a reward, there is also a decent portion of Runen also a Dragon Heart .

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Page 1 Find the first shimmstone key

Page 2 The second shimmer key and thops, find the wizard


Page 3 picture gallery to Elden Ring: How to find the two shimmstone keys

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