Fabulous Cosplay of Kratos and Freya sweeten the waiting time on God of War Ragnarök

God of War : Ragnarok | Kratos vs Freya ????
Fans of the God of War were already skeptical, whether God of War Ragnarök should really appear this year – after all, it was already postponed. But Sony denies any rumors of this kind and reaffirms that the continuation of the hit blockbuster is definitely 2022 the charging records with a deep “boy!” Collapsed.

But 2022 is long: Not even three months are over and thus almost nine left, which you would have to wait for a maximum of Wod of War Ragnarök when the game appears just before Christmas. Well, that fans have a lot of opportunity to shorten the waiting time and distract themselves: with this grandiose cosplay of Kratos and Freya for example.

Cosplay of Kratos and Freya: Atreus has to stay at home

Reddit user Damien_Tout_court shared his costuming on Reddit and the photo, which was shot by him along with a Cosplay colleague on a convention, shows the work of the two in all their splendor. The God of War seems to jump directly from the game with his wild beard and the red facial painting.

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Also, the costumes of the two work authentically and detailed, so that a confusion with the originals obvious. And while Freya Kratos ‘believes’ beloved ax, the God of War dangles a very special journey in the hand: the head of mimir . As can be seen in the photo, one of his eyes sparkles.

Unfortunately, what the photo can not capture, which is why costume cutter Damien_Tout_Court in the comments mentioned: The cosplay head can actually speak exactly like the real Mimir in the game! If that is not the perfect travel companion. Speaking of travel companions: Son Atreus has apparently left Kratos at home. Surely he is preparing for the adventure in God of War Ragnarök.

More Cosplays with Sony Power

Of course, God of was not the only title of Sony , which generates a lot of attention in the world of cosplay. Ellie from the Ballharten The Last of US Part 2 as well as title heroine Aloy from the recently published Horizon Forbidden West are welcome guests when it comes to seeing cosplays of Sony characters.

On the other hand, you are still in Elden Ring deepen, you may want to take a look at this cosplay of Ranni the witch, whose quest series belongs to the most interesting in the game. And who still makes the expanses of Halo Infinite unsure, this fantastic Cortana cosplay should not be missed.

Source: Damien_Tout_Court on Reddit

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