“Forza Horizon 5” New PVP system and various rewards, etc. 6 “Horizon Custom” March 29 Delivers-Many bug fixes and improvements

PLAYGROUND GAMES Open World Car Action “ FORZA HORIZON 5 ” Season 6 Update “ Horizon Custom ” is for PC (Steam / Microsoft Store) / Xbox Series x | S / Xbox One It will be delivered on March 29.

This work is an open world car race action on the stage of Mexico. Beautiful and abundant location and environmental systems such as weather and seasons, “Event Lab” that can custom only the course to the details You can enjoy the content. This time, we will introduce some of the six “Horizon custom” seasons, including important upgrades of content “Horizon Open” and “Event Lab”.

# Horizon Open-Custom Racing

“Horizon Open” is a generic term for online matches, but Season 6 to “ Custom Racing ” has been added.

  • You will be able to find the race and PI class races selected by the player.

  • New stand-alone progression system introduced.

  • Apply open racing, drift, playground game, custom racing.

  • XP acquired from Series 6 to “Horizon Open” is added to both the conventional player level and the new “horizon open”.

  • Badge ” is a new reward that can be completed with special challenges or leveling up with Horizon Open.

  • “Badge” can achieve the challenge and unlock new ones, or exchange what has already been unlocked from the badge menu.

# Event Lab

  • Concrete and shaped walls, asphalt scaffolds, neon transport containers, direction indicator stickers, tires stacked walls, concrete pillars, tower turmoil, and older new year’s lanterns Add to Builder.

  • In the prelight, we add new “ scale gravity ” that can increase or decrease the gravity for players from 10% to 200%.

  • In the visual aspect, a better visual experience is possible when improving the appearance of terrain at high terrain and playing the work of the event laboratory from high.

Beginner, bug fixes and improvements, etc., please refer to the release notes.

“Forza Horizon 5” Latest Update “Horizon Custom” will be delivered on March 29 for PC (Steam / Microsoft Store) / Xbox ONE for the new season. It also supports Xbox Game Pass.

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