Destiny 2 Witch Queen Player confused by Glaive

The latest extension of Destiny 2, The Witch Queen, brought many changes, but one of the remarkable introductions was that of a new Glaive-Weapue Type. It is a rod with a sword tip that fires projectiles, but also has a melee attack. Discussions about how to use these new weapons and their role in the game have been discussed since their introduction, but the conversation has now reached a highlight.

GLAIVE UNLOCKED! The Enigma - Destiny 2 Witch Queen - NEW WEAPON TYPE!

The reason for this is that of Destiny 2 Hotfix brings a Nerf into the arms mod “Suppressing Glaive”. The mod allowed them to concatenate to enemies suppression effects by attacking them in melee, but after the hotfix consume melee attacks energy – and this energy can be refilled by landing four ranger contractions on enemies.

This has led that the players are confused about the role of gliaives, as the main function of the weapon was mainly intended as a melee weapon, but the changes will mean that they will put more emphasis on causing ranging damage.

Reddit user, the pessimistic lemon “is frustrated about the situation. “Seriously, they have advertised it as a melee weapon,” they say, “one who should benefit from it as such, but everything they have put on Glen (including perks, ammunition economics and now mods with the last hotfix ) Turn this idea completely. “

This seems to be a relatively widespread opinion in the Destiny Community. “The entire energy mechanism misses the point how much I do not want to shoot most of my time,” says the Forbes Journalist Paul Tarsi continued Twitter. The Nerf is even appeared meme on reddit from users who are similar.

We have described our time with the latest updates of the games detailed and found that Destiny 2 The Witch Queen is addictive, but it is also a confusing experience with way too many menus and systems that are constantly changing what makes it difficult Overview to keep what’s going on, and the Glaive-Nerf is representative of it because he does not give the players clearly how to use the weapon.

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