NEW WORLD: The big March

The Amazon Games Studio team has published the extensive March update “Heart of Madness” for the online role-playing game NEW WORLD (from 39.99 € for pre-order). For this purpose, the developers had shut down the servers for several hours. These are now available again.

Among the biggest highlights is probably the new expedition “the heart of the StormWind”. It is an end game dungeon for five players, to which only well-equipped characters should dare. Amazon Games Studio recommends not only Level 60, but a set-up value of at least 550 for entry into the expedition – better would even be a frame of 570. In addition, the thunderbench awaits you a new weapon in New World. It is the first genus, which depends on both strength and intelligence and thus should be interesting among other things for magicians. In addition, there are task series for legendary weapons from Level 60, new events in the game world, numerous bug fixes, optimizations and adjustments. The full patch notes can be found on the official website.

Amazon Games Studio has already announced that the work on April Update for New World are in full swing. However, it is not known yet, what exactly the players expect – just as little a concrete release date.

Where is New World's March Update Heart of Madness?!

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