Non-Hema Killing-Elemental Skills Non-Haku Kukakos “Probability Correction”

Nhạy theo điệu nhảy của các chú mèo nào các bạn ơi
Open World RPG “ Little God ” conducts “Ver. 2.6 Update” on March 30th. The adjustment content of “Yatsuki Kukako” included in this is disturbed on the net.

What adjustments have corrected a bug that the elemental skill “Sakai” has randomly attacked the surrounding enemies. After correction, you will be able to attack “the closest enemy **” within the range. It is not a specification change, but with a defect correction.

“Walking Sakai” is a figurine element skill. Up to three up to three can be installed at a time, and at regular intervals, one surrounding enemy drops lightning and gives lightning element damage. If it is within the range, the attack target was random, but this Apde has a priority called “closest enemy”.

From the user who possesses Hakuko, this is said to be “ substantial nauf “. The reason is that random attacks were more advantages than defining and attacking priorities on battle systems.

A lot of enemies can be added to many enemies by attacking randomly, and the opportunity to cause elemental reactions increases. While I’m focused on the front enemy, “Human” will be scraped around the enemy (especially long-distance attack). Such a benefit will be eliminated.

And when it is the enemy of the cloak is the enemy of the shield, and the lightning element barrier has a barrier, a disadvantage that almost all damage is breathed and disabled.

In addition, the attack range up of the “Hemorian Sakai” in the two-convex effect is also affected. Many people should have thought that this effect is not “aiming for more enemies”, but “to aim for a more extensive enemies”. It will be almost meaningful because the attack target takes precedence on the nearby enemy.

Once this is aware of the standing position of the enemy, and the strategy of shooting one body is also possible, but it would be impossible to aim if it is not good enough.

In addition, people who feel uncomfortable in that they are not specification changes, but they are defective. “If it is immediately after the implementation, there is no problem in” defective correction “, but this time after one month or more, I think that it corresponds to” specification change “” and “adjustment related to convex effects in the name of defect correction” There is an opinion such as the problem.

Yae Kuko is the best rarity from Gacha. Some people have real money, and this adjustment is a lot of accumulation.

Although the reason is different, there was a thing that the character performance of “chaba” gathered in the past, and there was a matter that it was later revised later. Does Yae Qingda are this as it is or readjusted to random attacks? Official judgment will be awaited.

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