Diablo IV: discovery of environments and creating sound effects

Announced in 2019 at the Blizzcon, Diablo IV is a game that is waiting and Blizzard Entertainment continues to give us news of the game. Today, it is no less than 3 videos that have been published on the youtube channel dedicated At the license, to show us, to begin with, some of the environments that we will be able to discover once the game will come out. The atmosphere must be dark, gothic and sorry and the first images that we see in this video, the challenge seems totally raised. It is recalled that this diablo 4 is distinguished by its open structure, since it will be an open world game, but divided into 5 zones in total. Regions that will display their colors and visual atmosphere made possible thanks to a dynamic lighting and weather system. Indeed, each region must offer its own climate and we see that between the coastal village of Scosglen, the monastery of Orbei located in the arid steppes and the snowy weather of Kyovashad, we will browse varied environments.

But that’s not all, among the other videos that have been published, there is also a whole sequence devoted to sound effects, and in particular the way the Sound Designers created or made certain sounds that are repugnant and consistent with this universe Chaotic and organic of this diablo IV. We observe above all that we must have a lot of imagination to find the sound effects or the perfect sound that will stick to a precise action in the game. We see the developers crush the lettuce, hit clusters of reasons through a cloth, Mix a pasty substance, play with canned peeled tomatoes or crush melon pieces. And it is true that once the game turns, the immersion is total and the bluffing result.

Diablo 4 Sound Effects and Design (Quarterly Update)

The exit of Diablo 4 is still not known, we just know that the game comes out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We imagine that there will be an update soon so that it is also available on PS5 and Xbox Series.

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