FIFA tightened loan

FIFA leads stricter provisions for the loan of players from the coming season. Above all, the number and duration of lending transactions is limited.

This decided the FIFA-Council with the German representative Peter Peters on Wednesday before the 72nd Annex Association Congress in Doha / Qatar.

Through the new rules that come into force on 1 July, “the development of young players as well as the sporting balance” are being promoted and “the hoarding of players by clubs” are prevented, the FIFA announced. This meets several European top clubs, such as Champions League winner FC Chelsea.

In addition to the already existing provisions, the number of loans between the same clubs will be limited during a season. Accordingly, a club should borrow at most three professionals at the same time to a certain or by a particular club.

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The upper limit of loaning shops of a club at any time of a season should be six professionals after a transitional period from July 2024. Players up to 21 years and players trained by the club are excluded from the restrictions. For this purpose, the term of the loan amounts is limited to a maximum of one year.

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